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  1. HI. I am try to import NR data from excel to ca_ownd_resource table. I get error for duplicate asset_source_uuid, but I'm not to reference to field asset_source_uuid. The error I get:
  2. Hello. I am using with exec function to call the CURL command but the is doesn't works this is my function. chg::create_event_calendar(...) { string url, data, header, base64_summary, base64_category, base64_assignee; base64_summary = tobase64((string)summary); base64_category = tobase64((string)category.sym); base64_assignee = tobase64((string)assignee.combo_name); url = "http://evenrcalendarsd/api/EventCalendarFromSD/AddForumTeumToCalendar"; header = "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8"; data
  3. Hello. I need helpful to create HTTP POST request from spell. Thanks.
  4. HI. I try to update status wf for chg by the custom. e.g: select status from list and save. this my function behind. output+= " wf:400157;status;3;APP;4R;7106;@!@wf:400158;status;4;PEND;4R;7101;@!@wf:400159;status;4;WAIT;4R;7100;@!@ " upd_workframe("UPDATE_MULTIPLE","FACTORY=wf", "TEXT="+output, 'RETFUNC=window.location.listEditShowResults'); and this my error "AHD04606:1 records updated\; 3 attempted update(s) failed - see message(s) below","wf:400157*AHD04605:Can't update - someone else has changed status from \"PEND\" to.." Thanks.
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