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  1. Mitu, even though if we use doSelect(), lrel_attachments_requests object will return only attachment ID and not the attachment name, file path (etc) right. To get the these details again we need to do one more call to get the details based on attachment Id received in first call. In previous comment I have mentioned two diff objects in doQuery() method. So can we get these details from only one object?
  2. Can we get the attachment id and file name details of an INCIDENT in one call? I am doing two calls to web service to get the Attachment Details (file name, repository details etc). First call to get the attachment id's of an INC and Sec call is to get the attachment details based on attachment ID. ListResult lstResult = client.doQuery(Convert.ToInt32(sid), "lrel_attachments_requests", "cr = 'cr:403697'"); ListResult lstResult = client.doQuery(Convert.ToInt32(sid), "attmnt", "id=3576309");
  3. We are using CA Service desk USD_R11 web services to retrieve INCIDENT details. As part of of our implementation we need to show list of attachments attached to an INC while displaying INCIDENT data. We are unable to find out which web service method will provide attachment details with respect to an INCIDENT. Please assist on this.
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