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  1. You need to use the `doQuery` or `doSelect` SOAP calls on the `alg` object to get a list of activity log entries, filtering by the ID/PersID of the ticket.
  2. If you're using doSelect, check the 'attributes' parameter after you make the call, see the example in the docs for doSelect.
  3. In order to get the results in one call, you need to use 'doSelect' instead of 'doQuery', 'doQuery' returns a list of Handles (to be queried further), but 'doSelect' returns a list of objects (with attributes) directly.
  4. In you code, put a 'logf' statement and print the values (rnow, ttl) to see them. Not having the complete .mod file contents, I'd say your trigger might not be executed - perhaps you declared it wrong or it is overwritten by a subsequent declaration ?
  5. I think that the export might be .csv, but anyway - it's Excel that gives the warning, introduced by the so called 'Extension hardening': http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vsofficedeveloper/...on-warning.aspx . I think the Export servlet sets the mime type as 'application/x-vnd-excel' and since the file is not an Excel 2003 file (BIFF<something>) then it will show this warning. I think this would warrant an issue with CA, since Excel 2003 will become extinct in time and this new 'feature' introduced with Excel 2007 will be the default from now on.
  6. Hi Mitu, i need you knowlege!

    Thank you

  7. I usually do 2 separate queries and then do a either an explicit 'merge dimension' from WebI (the equivalent from the 'join' in SQL) or just use as a query filter a results from the 1st query.
  8. men, u r great! thanks for ur answers!

  9. Then why don't you use the normal notification process ? In r12 and above you can attach multiple notification rules and one of them can send the SMS notification. This assumes that SMS sending is done using a custom Notification Method - you can configure this method on the 'High' level of notification and use that in you rule. Alternatively, you can use a trigger on Close and send the notification, but I'd rather create the new Notification Method and rules since they can be re-used by the system and it's all going to be just configuration (no customization) from that point on.
  10. It's not a good idea to attach events after Closure activity, the system will automatically cancel any remaining events - it doesn't make sense to trigger events after ticket closure. What are you exactly trying to do ?
  11. Moderator note: Topic pinned because it seems more and more people are bitten by this.
  12. How did you attach the trigger in the mod file ? Is it in 'POST_VALIDATE' as the article suggests or otherwise ?
  13. True, the error seems to be r12 specific - tried with r12.1, maybe r12.5 fixes this. @wbvczar, @prohacx - what version are you on ?
  14. No, the like is like this probably because of the forums textbox. The link code - calling the JS function - is correct, what is more puzzling is that this is the only error that appears and it does pop-up only when clicking the link. Normally you'd expect that the do_default function definition to throw some errors when one of the JS helper files are loaded, but that's not the case. I recently noticed this also, using a FF nightly, and I suspect it's a FF bug somewhere. We'll have to dig more to see if it's a DAR for CA Support or a Bugzilla for Firefox.
  15. You just code the Holidays in the workshift itself, see the online help on how to exclude particular days/periods of days altogether.
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