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  1. Hello SD Masters, I'm working to filter the request areas using organizations with Service Desk 12.7. For that, we want to filter all the areas which it belongs to specifc organization or to the parent organization. For example, if we have an organization named as "Systems - Infrastructure", the parent organization will be "Systems". For that, I create a custom field named "zorganization" into the org object. Everything is ok at this point but when I try to use this field into a data partition with the following constraint: organization is null OR organization = @root.organization OR
  2. Hello Team, I am trying to add 3 new columns in har_serx object (ci_hardware_server) and when I execute pdm_publish command I get this error: U:\>pdm_publish Pdm_publish - Implement DBMS schema changes from Web Screen Painter Verifying files output from Web Screen Painter... Verifying CA Service Desk Manager server is not running... AHD04756:Can't open F:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1/site/mods/wsp_schema.log for output at .\pdm_publish.pl line 594. Do you have any idea about this? Thank you!
  3. Hello Everybody, We are deploying Service Desk 17.1 with Advanced Availability in our testing environment. This week, I performed a restart of the services in our servers (These servers have SUSE Operating System) and when the services are up and running, one of the servers (background/standby) is not working despite of pdm_status shows all the process on running or completed. Checking then jsvr.log I found the following error message but I don't exactly what that means: 08/14 15:17:35.379[Thread-4] INFO SLUMPTC 413 Registered msg:PDMWEB 08/14 15:17:35.379[Thread-4] INFO SL
  4. You rock @cdtj. That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!
  5. Hello Everybody, I am trying to translate the menu bar captions from one of the out-of-the-box files that we have in Service Desk Manager 17.1. I know the captions that we have like "New_Incident..." or "New_Request..." work like a variable or placeholder bacause we can see characters like (_) which one is not showing in the menu when you used the application. So, do you know where these values New_Incident... or New_Request... is replaced for the label that we see in the application? Thank you!
  6. Hello Everybody, I have an issue with Service Desk in 12.7 and I asked if someone can help to understand what´s going on. In the middle of the day, our CA Service Desk start to go slow for everything (Login, Change a rol, Save a Change). Making a research in the logs I found thousand lines saying: 05/21 10:26:51.80 G500603SV0SS bpvirtdb_srvr 31896 SIGNIFICANT vdbsql.c 1433 refreshing cache for table 'ca_contact' rows C1C6F456A3892841A0B2C6B3829768FB 05/21 10:26:51.80 G500603SV0SS bpvirtdb_srvr 31896 SIGNIFICANT vdbsql.c 1433 refreshi
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