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  1. N@irb here is the error i get: Message="Internal err with generic_status_change: NOT FOUND" I thought of doing that Neo, just havent gotten there yet thanks
  2. nope still getting an error, here is the call: ws.changeStatus(sid, "cnt:793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC", oldRequestHandle, "Change Status to Work In Progress", "WIP")
  3. Hi Guys, been a while since I had anything to post about !!!!! I have done numerous webservice calls before but im having trouble using the changestatus method... and i dont see anything about it in the WIKI The changestatus method is supposed to emulate the action of an Activity->Update status function on USD the requirement for the method is as follows: ws.changestatus(sid, creatorhandle, objecthandle, description, newstatushandle) now my problem is i dont think im sending the correct status handle... I get an "invalid" error when executing it. i tried as follows (not the real cn
  4. Any ideas? im stumped im new to javascripting and USD
  5. Hi all, every now and then tomcat seems to fall over and as a result our attachment functionality is lost. How can I keep tabs on whats happening with tomcat without having to install nsm monitoring agents or write a script to check up on it. What errors should i look for in the logs? Thnx
  6. Ive been trying to write some javascript do do this for me but im getting nowehere... any suggestions ?
  7. Cool thanks gityerfix ! i tried this and it works perfectly: http://<servername>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?FACTORY=cr+OP=CREATE_NEW+PRESET=category:<persid of the category u want to use.> Thanks again!
  8. Ive tried to use server operations to preset the value of the request area but im struggling to get it working... \ here is what i have tried: http://<servername>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?FACTORY=cr+OP=CREATE_NEW+PRESET_REL=category:pcat_cr.persistent_d:pcat:105425850 it directs you to the create request screen but it does not populate the request area i have specified in ""PRESET_REL=category:pcat_cr.persistent_d:pcat:105425850"" Please advise
  9. Hi guys ! I want to create a link from an intranet webpage to USD to open up the create new request page and to pre-populate a certain request area. Basically i want users to click on the link and be taken to USD (logged in as themselves, they are all USD employees) and have the request area prepopualted (they must not have to chose the request area) Im positive that this is possible... i just have no idea how to do it Please give me some advice on how to do this. Thanks !!! Cheers
  10. Yeah, the fmtfunc calls a javascript to be executed for that column... i tried copying and modying the standar disp_mgr javascript but i cant get it working ;(
  11. correct danegrey1 thanks Jigna, I tried out ur code and i got an error here is my code for the Result List in list_grpmem.htmpl: <PDM_MACRO NAME=lsStart> <pdm_macro name=lsWrite text="var grpmem_id = '@{list.id}';"> <pdm_macro name=lsWrite text="var mem_persid = '@{list.member.persistent_id}';"> <pdm_macro name=lsWrite text="var mem_loc_persid = '@{list.member.location.persistent_id}';"> <PDM_MACRO NAME=lsCol hdr=Name attr=member.combo_name fmtfunc=create_name_link> <PDM_MACRO NAME=lsCol hdr=Location attr=member.location fmtfunc=create_loc_l
  12. Hi Guys, I have added 2 fields into the grp_mem table (1 for supervisor and 1 for teamleader) the fields are called manager_flag_lev2 and manager_flag_lev3. I have added them onto the list_grpmem.htmpl page using the screenpainter. When i view a groups members i am able to see if they are manager or teamleader and the field will show a 0 or a 1. I am however unable to edit the value, I would like to add a checkbox to do this for me like you do for the notify flag and available flag. Im guessing this needs some javascripting... but im not sure becos im a bit of a noobie. any advice will
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