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  1. Have you achieved this? Please share
  2. Hi Experts, I want to create a condition macro to check the description of close activity when the ticket is closed. If the close activity description = "The ticket closed by Oneclick", then I have to set Resolution method= closed by tool Please help on how to create that condition macro on act_log table Regards, Saran
  3. Hi, I have 17.1 SDM When I edit and select a specific group on Incident, the assignee field should become Read-only. Please help me how to achieve this. Thanks.
  4. WharsApp: +919972977877

  5. Hi prohacx, U r correct. It is solved Replacing the line <INPUT TYPE=PASSWORD NAME=oldpsw SIZE=15 id="z_old_pwd"> with <INPUT TYPE=PASSWORD NAME=oldpsw SIZE=15 id="z_old_pwd" onblur="zchk_oldpsw();"> It should not allow to move from old psw text box unless u give correct old psw. Regards, Saran
  6. Dear all, Goal: Reset the password (contact_num) after checking old password. Note: 1. PIN authentication (contact_num) type is using . 2. Password update is working fine without checking old pasword. What i have done is: Created one link in home.htmpl of emp page as <PDM_LINK class=analyst ID="btn001" font-size:0.7em NAME="My Profile" OP=UPDATE PERSID=cnt:$cst.id HTMPL=detail_cnt_edit.htmpl>Change Password</PDM_LINK> My detail_cnt_edit.htmpl is: <PDM_IF 0> detail_cnt_edit.htmpl WHEN PRESENTED: When the app needs input to create a new Contact or update an exis
  7. Hi, Plz explain how to break the script. Regards, Saran
  8. Hi sabeer, U got the solution? Plz let me know. Regards, Saran
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