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Webi Report for duplicate values

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Trying to create a report in Webi that lists duplicate values for particular records (such as duplicate Serial Numbers or Asset Numbers for Configuration Items) and it has been suggested that i need to do a self join to accomplish this. Has anyone done this in Webi (3.2) using the CA Service Desk (12.5) out-of-the-box universe? Would this be done by selecting "custom SQL" in the Edit Query view? Thanks!

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I usually do 2 separate queries and then do a either an explicit 'merge dimension' from WebI (the equivalent from the 'join' in SQL) or just use as a query filter a results from the 1st query.

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I have a column in SAP Webi that contains many duplicates numbers which is expected.  How can I add a unique character to each duplicate so the duplicates are now unique.





should be 






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