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JavaScript to insert (prepend) wildcard for Category searches

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SDM r12.7 C1

We already have the web_wildcard_search option enabled, which automatically appends the wildcard "%" to all text field search filters.

The top tiers for request/incident areas are based on the service provided, (Applications, Software, Facilities, Data Comm, etc). We have a large number of 'second tier' categories, mostly Applications.

Although the hierarchy tree is very clean, we want to make finding the category as easy as possible. All 'power users' know to start their search by putting the '%' wildcard at the beginning of the key word, but we would like for this to happen automatically when the user tabs out of the Incident Area field (Employee interface).

I would expect to add a function on the onBlur event for the field, but I am not sure how to capture, update and then return the whereclause variable to the existing search function when a user tabs out of the field.

Has anyone else tried this?



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