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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, How are you? I am having an issue with a customization I am developing. Basically, when a SDM ticket is cancelled, a macro condition from an event checks if this ticket is either Resolved or Cancelled. In case the condition result is TRUE, an IT PAM workflow is triggered. When the ticket gets to Resolved state, the condition validates this and workflow is correctly started. But, when ticket is Cancelled, the event and condition are activated, but workflow does not start. As I'm not able to see the result of the condition in order to see if it is TRUE or FALSE, I was wondering if this ticket, as Cancelled is an inactive state, events and macros no not work on those tickets. If that is the case, is there some workaround? (note: turning cancelled into an active state is not a possibility). Thanks in advance! :) Regards, Axel
  2. Hi all, I am trying to use email to update the status of the change workflow task. The default maileater only support change, incident, problem, request, CI, contact, asset, and issue. Does anyone have experience with adding new OOTB object (ie. worfklow) or new custom object to the text_api.cfg and successed? The only workaround I can come up with is using spl code. For example the MailEater update some change custom fields containing wf_id, user UUID and new_status, this will trigger spl code to look up the workflow task and update it. But this indirect approach may fail to update wf, if someone is updating the change order. Best regards, Conan
  3. Hi I have a category for Change Order with couple of workflow tasks. I removed some tasks for this category, but after I've created a Change with the updated category, old workflow was attached to change. What can be the problem? CA SDM 12.7
  4. Hi all, I added some spell code for inserting workflow task between Group start task and Group end task, it added the task just fine, but those new tasks are in WAIT status instead of pending, even the group start task already completed. Is there a way to insert the task with pending status? I tried to insert the wf task with PEND status which return an error, set_attr on status failed: AHD05724:Not a valid transition. Best regards, Conan
  5. HI, I'm not sure if the new Request Workflow in v14.1 qualifies as Classic or what, so am posting my question in this forum. We'd like to automatically set Request status=Resolved when all workflow tasks are marked Completed. I cannot seem to do this via Events. Has anyone built this in any of the various workflows? Thanks mucho!
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