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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! I need to update some customers data according to the information that he enters at the moment of the opening of the ticket, for example a phone_number field. When filling this information in detail_cr, I need this phone data to be recorded in the phone_number attribute in the cnt factory. I found a spel code from @cdtj and thought it would work well. cr::z_update_obj(...) { object inc_group_leader; send_wait(0, top_object(), "get_co_group"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Error: '%s'", msg[0]); return; } inc_group_leader = msg[
  2. Hello good afternoon I have a detail with a spel since this to place the value of the zGrupop_inicial field in the group.id field I share the spel code if(type=="R" && active == 1) { if(status.code == "OP") { if(codeRol=="SOLSERRED") { send_wait(0, this, "get_attr_vals", 1, "zGrupo_Inicial"); zGrupo_Inicial=msg[3]; if(is_null(zGrupo_Inicial) || is_empty(zGrupo_Inicial) || zGrupo_Inicial=="") { send_wait(0, t
  3. Good morning collaborators, I am building a spel code using get_list method to get the amount of CI's which they are element's KPIs in a specific Change Order. For that I used the following code which one works when I put the change order number as hard code as this: chg::zmatriz_riesgo(...) { object obList; int kpi_count, afectados, pruebas, ambiente_homologado, rollback, contingencia, frecuencia; string chg_num; chg_num = argv[3]; // ********** Existencia de Elementos de Configuracion KPI ********** uuid who; send_wa
  4. Can you help me? I need solve this problem. One of WF tasks must be skipped when affected_contact is member of Group assigned to task. How can I test it in Spel macro which will be started on change Task status to Pending? THX.
  5. How to log comment a bulk number of tickets with a single update? what is the best-optimised design solution to achieve this requirement. Service Desk 12.9
  6. Hi, I need to know if it's possible to run a spel function from a button in the detail_cr.htmpl form (for example). Regards.
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