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Found 6 results

  1. Hello good afternoon I have a detail with a spel since this to place the value of the zGrupop_inicial field in the group.id field I share the spel code if(type=="R" && active == 1) { if(status.code == "OP") { if(codeRol=="SOLSERRED") { send_wait(0, this, "get_attr_vals", 1, "zGrupo_Inicial"); zGrupo_Inicial=msg[3]; if(is_null(zGrupo_Inicial) || is_empty(zGrupo_Inicial) || zGrupo_Inicial=="") { send_wait(0, t
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the emails in SDM. The emails doesnt send from mail queue. After I kill the pdm_mail proccess it works for a few days and then stop work again. I checked the stdlog files but I not see anything. What could it be?
  3. Hi, I want to configure SLA based on business days. For example, Today If I create two incident at different time. The SLA will start calculation from next business day, not in from ticket creation time. The P1 ticket having one business day means, It will will expire on second business day. Is it possible to configure, please suggest me. Thanks, Bala.
  4. HI community! I require to block the field "additional search arguments" in the filter of list_nr.html , i understand that this is in search_firlter.js but i dont know how i have this query by defautl ( class in ( 400109,1001469,1000809,400171 ) ) but i we dont whant to any users can modify Can you helpme with this requirement?
  5. Hellowe have classic workflow implemented in Request Management in servicedesk 17.1 having 16 workflow tasks in each categoryTask 1--> Manager (Approved or Reject)Task 2--> HRO (Approved or Reject)Task 3--> Finance (Complete or Hold)and so on...On task 2 approval, HRO team should attach a required document and then approve the task other wise not. If any of the HRO team member approves the task without attaching the document it should not approve and display a popup message or any written msg "Please attach a document then Approve"Please how can i achieve that?what condition should b
  6. Hi All, got blank notification, can anyone suggest me how to resolve this thing ? why its showing black ? pls help urgent
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