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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, How are you? I am having an issue with a customization I am developing. Basically, when a SDM ticket is cancelled, a macro condition from an event checks if this ticket is either Resolved or Cancelled. In case the condition result is TRUE, an IT PAM workflow is triggered. When the ticket gets to Resolved state, the condition validates this and workflow is correctly started. But, when ticket is Cancelled, the event and condition are activated, but workflow does not start. As I'm not able to see the result of the condition in order to see if it is TRUE or FALSE, I was wondering if this ticket, as Cancelled is an inactive state, events and macros no not work on those tickets. If that is the case, is there some workaround? (note: turning cancelled into an active state is not a possibility). Thanks in advance! :) Regards, Axel
  2. Hi Experts, Can anyone pls guide me if Event Management functionality is available in SDM? if yes pls tell me the process or share related guide if available. Release: r12.6 Version: 'SDr12_6-165'
  3. Previous post (2008) Has anybody solved this for powershell ? Add-type -Path 'C:\Microsoft.Web.Services2.dll' $att = New-Object Microsoft.Web.Services2.Dime.DimeAttachment("message/rfc822","MediaType","c\test.txt") $soapcontext.Attachments.Add($att) where att is ChunkSize : 2147483647 TypeFormat : MediaType Id : uuid:db140212-48b8-473c-aecb-2740bf9e68df ContentType : message/rfc822 Stream : System.IO.FileStream but how do I define the soapcontext for powershell there is context against new-object Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebServicesClientProtocol($ws) I am currently using maileater but it is a bit hit and miss.
  4. I'm trying to configure SDM to login using SSO, windows authentication (IIS), and email address as user IDs. (NOTE: Authenticating through EEM) I created two contacts in SDM with the same name, lets call him bob and the user ID for one is bob12 and the other is bob12@company.com. If I log into windows use bob12, it will automatically connect to SDM's home page. If I type bob12 and its password at the SDM's login page it will fail. If I log into windows use bob12@company.com, it will automatically connect as bob12 NOT bob12@company.com. If I logout of SDM and manually type user ID bob12@company.com it will login as bob12@company.com. My Access Type is set to Allow External Authentication and validation type is "CA EEM-Use CA Embedded Entitlements Manager". EEM is configured to use email address. Is it possible to automatically connect to SDM's home page use email addresses?
  5. Hi everyone, I just wondering if any of you know how to get an image from SDM using Web Services or CA PAM, I am working with that images for profile picture in CA SDM, but the administrator need to upload the pics in the repository so it changes the extension to .GZ and my script can't read it... I want to know if is possible download a image from SDM repository in a specific folder through Web Services/PAM, or Upload the images with the original extension, without ".GZ": Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.
  6. Hello people! I got awesome help from you guys last time i posted, so im here again Our helpdesk wants to be more efficient so they want us to change the min_chars_auto_suggest from 3 to 2 characters. So after reading some documentation and googling it i found out i needed to log into the background server to be able to change it under option manager, and then rebooted the system. BUT im still not able to just type 2 letters in a field to get the auto suggest. Do you have any good suggestions for me how to proceed? sources ive read https://docops.ca.com/ca-service-management/14-1/en/administering/administering-ca-service-desk-manager/options-manager https://communities.ca.com/thread/96107728
  7. Hi Team, Please let me know the column name in infoview which defines the count of incidents attached to a problem?
  8. Grettings for all the comunnity and congratulations for the rise up of the SDU website... I need extend the table "call_req" with another one. Let me explain. When a new register of requeriment is saved to "call_req", i need at the same time write one reg on another table ("zdemand") with they relation (1:1)... how i can do this? Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi everyone. I was hoping someone can help me create a simple SDM ticket using web services on version 12.9 in Visual Basic by providing a sample code. I have been trying for weeks in vain. All of my searches returned from Google are either outdated or not what I need. I think if I had the right syntax for creating a ticket, along with the possible data values I can use with in any given variable, it will be very helpful. Does someone have that information? The product guide was not very helpful. Here is an example of my code. Whenever I run it I receive the error I am missing the Incident Area and Group. Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. 'get the sid from the ca server SID = objSD.login(username, password) If (SID <= 0) Then MsgBox("login failed") Else MsgBox("login succeeded") End If 'get the user id from the ca server creatorHandle = objSD.getHandleForUserid(SID, username) 'set the field values to create the ticket. 'the attrval must be in pairs or the call will fail 'e.g. header & header details attrVals = New String() {"customer", creatorHandle, "category", category, "summary", summary, "description", description, "priority", priority} propertyValues = New String() {""} attributes = New String() {"persistent_id"} 'returned data from the ca server newRequestHandle = "" newRequestNumber = "" template = "" 'send the request with the details from the form objSD.createRequest(SID, creatorHandle, attrVals, propertyValues, template, attributes, newRequestHandle, newRequestNumber) MsgBox("ticket number: " + newRequestNumber + " created successfully.") MsgBox(newRequestHandle, 3) 'log off the server using the sid objSD.logout(SID)
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