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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I created a crystalreport on format .txt and i have a page footer suppressed but at the moment to export shows a character of page footer and i require to erase it or eliminate ir, i attached this caracter . Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hi, Currently, I am working with the CA Service Desk 17 and CABI 4.1 SP 5 Integration. The Integration is working without problem. But I noticed a inconsistency in a new field “field z” This custom field was added, when the derived universe was created. When run the report, The data is mixed, with other customers using the same custom field This field is called “zsucursal” and is SREL type The relation is a “loc” Object Loc Object: I notice that the loc object has a radio button in “tenant optional “ And all my records have a tenant For my custom field to appear in my CABI, I added the Attribute in CA SDM I attached more information and screens in the document. Regards, Marco Velazquez Custom fields in CABI.docx
  3. Hi my friends, I am trying to create a function that only brings the information of the tickets with the maximum of the date and disregard the other values with inferior dates. Just like the print screen attached. I'm trying to use the follow function: =Máx([Last Mod Date]) But it doesn't work fine. Can anyone help me? Thanks guys.
  4. Hi all, When running a query in Boxi, I am getting the attached error. This is only happening when trying to use one particular field; all other fields seem to be okay. Any help with be very much appreciated. Many thanks
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