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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I am trying to use email to update the status of the change workflow task. The default maileater only support change, incident, problem, request, CI, contact, asset, and issue. Does anyone have experience with adding new OOTB object (ie. worfklow) or new custom object to the text_api.cfg and successed? The only workaround I can come up with is using spl code. For example the MailEater update some change custom fields containing wf_id, user UUID and new_status, this will trigger spl code to look up the workflow task and update it. But this indirect approach may fail to update wf, if someone is updating the change order. Best regards, Conan
  2. The ultimate goal is to automate ticket creation using SharePoint forms and workflows to send to maileater. The problem I am running into is the ticket is not going through at all. I have all the required fields needed to create a ticket from an email. I have tested the values to make sure that wasn’t causing the issue. Everything is working fine when an email is sent using my outlook. The problem lies with Sharepoint itself. I had our SDM guys add the email address from our SharePoint site. Same issue, nothing shows up. I have also removed all the html tags for the body of the text on my workflow and still nothing is coming through. I have also gone to the extent of creating a rule to have the form just email instead of using the workflow. The response comes back with “AHD58009:Could not create Request. Reason: INVALID - AHD05462:Group is required to save this Request.” Now keep in mind that I have tested the values using my outlook and also running the values through an InfoPath form for validation. They all work fine and create the tickets the way it should. However, when submitting the form through SharePoint, it fails and I can’t figure out why. Am I missing a field to get this to work with SharePoint? Here are all the fields I’m using: %category= %DEVICE= %customer= %REQUESTER= %Assignee= %impact= %urgency= %PRIORITY= %description= %summary= %zcall_origin= %group= %PROPERTY={{What action is required? select one}} %STATUS=Open I have looked at webservices too but I can’t seem to set up our authentication. I have limited knowledge using webservices so I could be missing something. We are using our smartcard to sign in, which automatically authenticates to the service desk. I’ve search around for any example on how to setup an automatic authentication to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Chris
  3. Hi Everybody, I added the following line to the Keywords in the text_api.cfg, so we can create an incident where the External System Ticket field is contain the proper external ticket number: INCIDENT.EXT_TICKET=external_system_ticket.STRING ( for example there is this in the mail's body %EXT_TICKET=111112) Is there a way to make the maileater use the External System Ticket field as the default field when updating a ticket via email instead of 'INCIDENT_ID' ? How could I make the proper filter string for this in the mailbox rule? It is very important an urgent to us to solve this problem. If it is possible at all. Thanks in advance K.