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Found 3 results

  1. Hi my friends, At these days I have a need to force all the analysts to register the solution in all tickets that he's working with. So I made this customization below, maybe this should help someone. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Create a file "zcr_force_soln.spl" (put on $NXROOT/site/mods/majic) cr::zcr_force_soln(...){ send_wait( 0, this, "get_attr_vals",1,"soln_log.length"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Erro no campo soln_log.length de %s %s - %s", type, ref_num, msg[0]); return; } int zsoln_length; zsoln_length = msg[3]; if (zsoln_length == 0) { string zmsg; zmsg=format("Preencha a 'Solução' antes de mudar este %s para fechado.", type.sym); set_error(1); set_return_data(zmsg); } } 2. Open WSP > Schema Designer - Search for table CR > Advanced > Site defined trigger PRE_VALIDATE zcr_force_soln() 111 FILTER(status{-> 'RE'}); At this case, the solution is mandatory to status "Resolved" 3. Save and publish; 4. Restart the CA SDM services;
  2. Hi I want to use the pdm_text_cdm command line to create a incident, but i don't know why when the incident was created, the user of the command line(externo.ca) appears how "Assignee" and Customer. I've put in the txt file, next fields: %Type=I %Customer=des.externo.ca %Group=Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios. %Priority=4 %Category=peticion %Summary=prueba %Description= prueba... Command line--> pdm_text_cmd -u externo.ca -t Incident -f prueba1.txt In the stdlog appears these errors: fetch_dob_list last_name (Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios) in Factory (grp) not found. In command prompt appears: * AHD58007 There was an error trying to configure GROUP as Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios. For details on record Original entry: (the same values that are above) * I want that when the incident is created, the log_agent (the user who creates it) is predetermined, and the assignee is empty, and set a priority too. How can i do it?? I don't understand fine the text_api file to configure. Thanks and Regards. Alejandro.
  3. SDM 14.1.02 Need to allow analysts to change a Request to Incident and vice versa as customers currently create Requests initially and then the decision of which type is made at Tier 1. The following legacy code works in IE and Firefox but not Chrome. IE: version 11 Firefox ESR 45 Chrome: Version 51 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// detail_cr.htmpl In the existing button row: ...and added the necessary hidden element to capture the existing type: ////////////////////////////////////////////////// What should I look for that Chrome handles differently? TIA, 'Breeze
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