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Found 6 results

  1. Hi my friends, I'm trying to update the model information of my CI's using the ID lookup option on the GRLOADER, but I'm receiving an error mensage as bellow. Did you guys ever see the kind of error before? Of course, the model ID is correct on MDB. Error Mensage: <!--WARNING: Ignoring model(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Its definition may not exists (or) manufacturer associated with it is different in mdb.Unable to find unique Model for mfrmod.sym=(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Unable to find unique Manufacturer for ca_cmpny.sym=(PHILIPS). --> <id>081F23B26BB75843BAD29386918C7EFA</id> <name>TESTE_10</name> <serial_number>7OIDFA9837498340</serial_number> <tenant>MEU TENANT</tenant> <class>PC Laptop</class> <family>Hardware.Workstation</family> <!--WARNING: Unable to find unique Model for mfrmod.sym=(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). --> <model lookup="id">9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83</model> <!--WARNING: Unable to find unique Manufacturer for ca_cmpny.sym=(PHILIPS). --> <manufacturer>PHILIPS</manufacturer> <status>Spare</status> <service_org lookup="id">B682CD1F31C88141B67417E8D694A689</service_org> <repair_org lookup="id">B682CD1F31C88141B67417E8D694A689</repair_org> </ci> -<ci>
  2. Hello All, Firstly thank you for this amazing Forum, never thought that such a thing would exist. Could you please guide me or direct me to where I can create, amend tickets as well as manage CMDB, using URL Links directly? That would be very helpful to study for automation purposes. I would like to know where to learn from Kind Regards,
  3. Hi all, is it possible to change the display name or to expand another field of the CI in CMDB-Visualizer? For example: CI-Name --> CI-Name/serialnumber? thanks.
  4. Hello Collaborators, I am trying to configure the integration between CCA 12.8.3 and CA Service Desk 12.7 using SDM Integration tab in CCA. At the moment to execute a job which one only recover information about Server and NIC Details, this error message shows up in the logs: CCA-SDM-1002: SDM Mapping files are not valid or not available. I researched this message but nothing about that. Someone knows this error message and why this is happening? Thanks! PMX
  5. Hi all In my env (R12.7)I can't see in Visualizer the standard icons, All families has the same icon default(see figure). Someone know what can be this issue? I alredy did reset icon in CMDB Viz admin console e nothing changed.
  6. Hi! I need to create a report reflecting CMDB Versioning tab in CA. It should contain all changes in CMDB at specific period of time with all attributes that was changed. I used CI Audit log in CMDB table and it successfully shows all changes except RFC number. How can I get it? Please help!
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