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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I need to make a field as a required for a category in specific , this category have workflows , and i need to make the field "project" as a required in this task . can someone tell me how i could make this possible?
  2. How can I programatically get the pcat:<cta-id> for a servicedesk ticket category? If its doSelect/doQuery how to use these to get the pcat:<cat-id> for a category to set for the creating a ticket?
  3. Hi experts, I have the list of symptom codes on my usp_symptom_code table as follows: id del sym 900 0 Application Not Responding 901 0 Error Message 902 0 High CPU Usage 903 0 Slow Response 904 0 System Making Noise 905 0 Unable to Connect 906 0 Unable to Log in 907 0 Unexpected Results 908 0 Unable to Boot 400001 0 Phone Not Responding 400002 0 Phone Error Message 400003 0 Phone Password Forgotten 400004 0 Phone Slow Response 400005 0 Phone Unexpected Results 400006 0 Phone Unable to Start What I want to dos is: When I open a new incident, if choose some category like 'HARDWARE.CELULAR%' just symptom codes related to it appears. This is my code on "detail_in.htmpl": var catCelular = 0; <PDM_LIST PREFIX=celularList WHERE="ref_num = '$args.ref_num' AND category.sym LIKE 'HARDWARE.CELULAR.%'" FACTORY=cr> // $celularList.id catCelular = 1; </PDM_LIST> if(catCelular == 1) { <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Symptom" attr=symptom_code lookup=no whereclause="id IN (400001, 400002, 400003, 400004, 400005, 400006)"> }else{ <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Symptom" attr=symptom_code lookup=no whereclause="id IN (900, 901, 902, 903, 904, 905, 906, 907, 908)"> }; When I create a new incident, before I choose some category it is ok, it is showing only symptom codes not related to category 'HARDWARE.CELULAR%' but when I choose one of these categories the options are not filtered. I hope I was able to be clear, I will be thankful if someone could help me on this. Thanks in advance. Bye.
  4. Hi folks, I need to do the field Configuartion Item (detail_in) required based on category (pcat) attribute (ex. z_ic_requeried). I dont want to do in spel, because i need to present field required at moment the fill by analyst, so i prefer to use JS. Any ideia ou suport how to can to do it? Thanks very much Rafael
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