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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I am using with exec function to call the CURL command but the is doesn't works this is my function. chg::create_event_calendar(...) { string url, data, header, base64_summary, base64_category, base64_assignee; base64_summary = tobase64((string)summary); base64_category = tobase64((string)category.sym); base64_assignee = tobase64((string)assignee.combo_name); url = "http://evenrcalendarsd/api/EventCalendarFromSD/AddForumTeumToCalendar"; header = "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8"; data = format("{'IdForum':'%s','ForumNum':'%s','Base64ForumTitle':'%s','ForumDateFrom':'%s','ForumDateTo':'%s','Base64ForumPurpose':'%s','Base64ForumManager':'%s','ForumSugHashbata':'400004','IsActive':'%s'}", id, chg_ref_num, base64_summary, sched_start_date, sched_end_date, base64_category, base64_assignee, active); exec(format('CMD /C curl --header "%s" --request POST --data "%s" %s', header, data, url)); }
  2. HI. I try to update status wf for chg by the custom. e.g: select status from list and save. this my function behind. output+= " wf:400157;status;3;APP;4R;7106;@!@wf:400158;status;4;PEND;4R;7101;@!@wf:400159;status;4;WAIT;4R;7100;@!@ " upd_workframe("UPDATE_MULTIPLE","FACTORY=wf", "TEXT="+output, 'RETFUNC=window.location.listEditShowResults'); and this my error "AHD04606:1 records updated\; 3 attempted update(s) failed - see message(s) below","wf:400157*AHD04605:Can't update - someone else has changed status from \"PEND\" to.." Thanks.
  3. Hi my friends, I'm trying to update the model information of my CI's using the ID lookup option on the GRLOADER, but I'm receiving an error mensage as bellow. Did you guys ever see the kind of error before? Of course, the model ID is correct on MDB. Error Mensage: <!--WARNING: Ignoring model(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Its definition may not exists (or) manufacturer associated with it is different in mdb.Unable to find unique Model for mfrmod.sym=(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Unable to find unique Manufacturer for ca_cmpny.sym=(PHILIPS). --> <id>081F23B26BB75843BAD29386918C7EFA</id> <name>TESTE_10</name> <serial_number>7OIDFA9837498340</serial_number> <tenant>MEU TENANT</tenant> <class>PC Laptop</class> <family>Hardware.Workstation</family> <!--WARNING: Unable to find unique Model for mfrmod.sym=(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). --> <model lookup="id">9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83</model> <!--WARNING: Unable to find unique Manufacturer for ca_cmpny.sym=(PHILIPS). --> <manufacturer>PHILIPS</manufacturer> <status>Spare</status> <service_org lookup="id">B682CD1F31C88141B67417E8D694A689</service_org> <repair_org lookup="id">B682CD1F31C88141B67417E8D694A689</repair_org> </ci> -<ci>
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