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  1. eduardolpaz

    Filter Symptom Code List by Category

    Hi Isaque, You need some coding at client side to update the combo options, based on category changing events. The code you developed will work only for saved tickets where current category is hardware.celular. Regards, Eduardo
  2. Hi, If I understood your business requirement you could: Use the SDM's organizational structure to organize your contacts and filter them by organization or department during ticket creation (using filters on list_cnt.htmpl).Customize ticket creation screens to 1) select organization or department and 2) automatically filter contacts based on previous selection (on the fly). Best regards, Eduardo
  3. eduardolpaz

    QREL values from spell

    Hi, You have to instantiate the parent, access it's QREL attribute "children" and get values from each child. Following an example: TRIGGER: MODIFY cr { POST_VALIDATE z_cr_list_child() 6000 FILTER ( EVENT("UPDATE") ); }; SPEL: cr::z_cr_list_child(...){ string zs_metodo ; zs_metodo = "z_cr_list_child -" ; int index, num_itens ; string field_1, field_2 ; index = 0 ; num_itens = children.length ; logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s Starting with parameters: Parent: %s, Children: %d", zs_metodo, ref_num, num_itens); if ( num_itens > 0 ) { for ( index = 0; index < num_itens; index ++ ) { field_1 = format("children.%s.ref_num", index) ; field_2 = format("children.%s.summary", index) ; send_wait( 0, this, "get_attr_vals", 2, field_1, field_2 ); logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s Child %d information: %s, %s", zs_metodo, index+1, msg[3], msg[6]); } } else { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s No children found...", zs_metodo); } } Result in STDLOG: spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 146 z_cr_list_child - Starting with parameters: Parent: 107449, Children: 10 spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 1 information: 107318, s spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 2 information: 107312, x spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 3 information: 107170, xx spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 4 information: 107166, d spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 5 information: 107151, x spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 6 information: 107150, xdddddd bbbbb spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 7 information: 106993, zzz spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 8 information: 106967, xxx spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 9 information: 106954, z spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT z_cr_child.spl 152 z_cr_list_child - Child 10 information: 106914, xx You can do better including some exception handlings... Best regards, Eduardo
  4. eduardolpaz


    Hi, You can try to run pdm_webcache on primary server and test the detail page access. If it works, the problem can be related with the load of your architecture - check the concurrent users by webengine using the pdm_webstat command. At pdm_webstat command output, check the number of the most sessions at a time line, by webengine. If this number is greater than 200 I suggest you to review your architecture and consider to addition new webengines or new secondary servers. If the most sessions at a time is less than 200, you have to check and review your last htmpl and javascript customizations... they can increase the webengine cache, crashing the webengine processes. Regards and good luck! Eduardo
  5. Hi, To restrict values using negative conditions you have to use the "and" connector in your statement. Something like this: id != 1 and id != 2700 and id != 2701 and id != 2702 and id != 2703 and id != 2704 Regards, Eduardo
  6. Hi, You could to use defaults constraints data partitions insted of a customization. What you think about it? Regards, Black
  7. eduardolpaz

    trying to launch vb script from spell

    Exactly! You can try "cscript C:\\CAdecom\\Decommission_SD.vbs xxx xxx". Regards, Eduardo Black
  8. eduardolpaz

    Auto Register for Incidents

    Hi, Look samples\call_mgt directory at SD install directory. You will find a file named gencr.frg that can help you! Good luck! Regards, Eduardo
  9. Hi! You can try to change the <pdm_macro name=sfStart factory=zcab_chg create=false> to <pdm_macro name=sfStart factory=chg create=false> and put a hidden argument ( document.write('<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=QBE.EQ.ztype VALUE="zcab">'); //example ) to set a hardcoded parameter that defines your zcab_chg tickets. I hope this help you. Regards, Eduardo
  10. Hi again, people! Brazil's CA Support has answered my question and said that this kind of environment isn't supported. The CMS database can be hosted by Oracle if the Oracle runs on Windows Server. I've installed the MySQL on Server 1 as solution. BOXI is up and running... Regards, Eduardo
  11. Hi all! I'm trying to install CA BOXI using the CMS database on a remote Oracle server. Following information about the enviroment: Server 1: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, CA Service Desk R12.1 PT-BR up and running, ORACLE Client Server 2: Linux Red Hat 5.0 Enterprise, ORACLE, hosting the MDB tablespace. ORCL database instance I've executed the procedure to create a CMS database how described at a CA document (https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/phpdocs?filePath=0/common/impcd/r11/CABI/Installation_Steps_for_Red_Hat_Linux_and_Oracle_10_2.pdf&fromKBResultsScreen=T) on Server 2. With the database running I tried to perform the installation of CA BOXI on Server 1. At this point I got the error "Could not connect to the database. Either the database is not running or connection parameters are incorrect." I have a successful connection with SQLPlus application and I'm able to create tables, views or any ORACLE object on the database created at step 1 (using SQLPlus through "Server 1" to "Server 2"). The ca-install.log file we have the following lines: Wednesday 02/03/10 19:49:50 DBG -- Enter BIEK_ValidateOracle Wednesday 02/03/10 19:50:12 DBG -- Leave BIEK_ValidateOracle. Return value = 16041 Has anyone have installed successful CA BOXI on the same environment? Thanks for any kind of information! Regards, Eduardo
  12. eduardolpaz

    SDM and Websphere

    Hi all! Has anyone tried to integrate CA Service Desk web interface with IBM Websphere? The customer is wondering a integration like IIS x CASD Tomcat. There any way to do this? Regards, Eduardo
  13. eduardolpaz

    Javascript to make customized field required

    Hi! CODEfunction zsave() { if ( "$args.KEEP.operationType" == "reopen" && document.getElementById('SET.alg.description').value == "" ) { alert("É necessário preencher o campo 'Observações do Aprovador' para reabrir o ticket."); document.getElementById('SET.alg.description').focus(); return; } else { submit_update('main_form', 'UPDATE') }; }; And to call this func: ImgBtnCreate("btn001", msgtext(418), "zsave()", "defer", 0); Good luck!
  14. eduardolpaz

    Resolved: Using sindex

    Hi Svein! Try to use the follow syntax: varint = sindex(varstr, "\\.") ; Regards, Eduardo
  15. Hi! I'm looking too... Regards