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  1. can anyone help me in getting status value for the other options like : open , resolved, close, work in progress, acknowledge, hold. Is their any proper document for this. If yes please guide me to that.
  2. Thanks Scott for the reply. Really appreciate your help. as asked i am hitting following request : The second link you provided is pretty much informative as i can refer the createRequest method from the documentation. My request body is matching the arguments of createRequest method in the documentation also. But I think, the link you provided for user creation is not of much use, as going through the documentation i understand that i have to install the service desk to make things work. Isn't their any on cloud service where i will get 7 days or 10 days access to the feature and i can try the request on that. I will also need to update the ticket based on the the workflow. Can you provide some sample request body for updating the ticket. If you see this link you will find the same : https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/viewdocument/ca-pam-ca-sdm-web-service-create-2?CommunityKey=1363a827-69af-4b38-b1c8-bfff7de977fd&tab=librarydocuments I am hitting curl request to make call for creating request in the service desk. <Header/> <Body> <createRequest> <sid>6386452672</sid> <creatorHandle></creatorHandle> <attrVals> <string>customer</string> <string>cnt:C0F772522D4DB62090CCDE3A9446</string> <string>requested_by</string> <string>cnt:737472GHID7897J3352CDE3A9446</string> <string>category</string> <string>400146</string> <string>description</string> <string></string> <string>summary</string> <string></string> <string>impact</string> <string>5</string> <string>type</string> <string>R</string> <string>zfmdpc</string> <string>401001</string> </attrVals> <propertyValues> <string></string> </propertyValues> <template></template> <attributes> <string>persistent_id</string> </attributes> <newRequestHandle></newRequestHandle> <newRequestNumber></newRequestNumber> </createRequest> </Body>
  3. Hi, I am new to ca service desk. I am looking to create ticket in the ca service desk using the webservice. But i am finding it hard to make it possible. As i am not able to create some free account for it. So that i can hit the wsdl request to the server and verify whether my request is working fine. Any help related to this would be appreciated. I have been following this link for the reference purpose to create ticket in ca service desk : https://community.broadcom.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=757333#bm7cf3add7-eed0-45ce-8fb3-357d26d2f67b from the understanding i found out there are in total 4 webservice call is required : the first two is used to authenticate the user, the 3rd one is for creating the ticket, and the 4th one is to logout the user. Please help in setting up free account for service desk. What all steps or URL is their for making free account. Is their any validation from their side is required. Thanks, Sourav
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