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  1. Thank you for reply, i tried use your method but still have no success. Probably because i tried modify this line: z_upd_val("cr", wc, 1, 1, "outage_type", outage_type); since i am realy green in this, i tried use send_wait method, but got errors like " Missing object to send to " or unknown function. Can you help me? And one more thing, since there is possibility that TRIGGERS can do harm to, these are that we used for previous functions: POST_VALIDATE z_copy_outage_type_from_parent() 400004 FILTER(EVENT("INSERT UPDATE") && parent{});
  2. Hello, i am a new SPEL user and need your help. Idea is to update child outage_type (only if it's empty) from parent and only if parent is "Closed/Resolved" From what i have right now is code to update(rewrite) child outage type on every change in pratent: cr::z_copy_outage_type_from_parent(...) { string method; method = "cr::z_copy_outage_type_from_parent()"; logf(SIGNIFICANT, "Start spel %s for ticket %s", method, this.ref_num); //save information about outage type from parent send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "outage_type", "set_val", this.par
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