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  1. Due to the complexity of our organization, we have two service desks. As such the CA Service Desk Manager gets neglected. So I'm creating a dashboard in other service desk which can essentially import a webpage into a widget. We use Single Sign On with CA SDM, so I don't have to worry about logins. But using the link http://<server>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe is kind of clunky with the scoreboard and needing to click through to see their queue. I just want the team to be able to see their assigned tickets. I figured out how to link to my specific assigned tickets using: http://<server>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cr+QBE.EQ.assignee.userid=<user>+KEEP.where_clause=(active=1) but that would require me to create a custom dashboard for every user in our other service desk. So linking to "My incidents" directly should solve my problem unless that's not possible and I can somehow use "SEARCH+FACTORY" with something that tells it to pull the SSO and only show the tickets assigned to that person instead. Another question if it's possible, but somewhat less important. Is it possible to show only the tickets that are unassigned in a specific queue? I was able to do this which http://<server>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=in+QBE.EQ.group.last_name=<group>+KEEP.where_clause=(active=1) which shows me all of the active tickets in a queue and sorts by last name. It's not ideal but workable. But I'd prefer to only show the active tickets that are unassigned for my Tier 1 people. So like a combination of the two links where I can use something like QBE.EQ.assigneeuserid= and tell it null or none to pull the unassigned tickets.
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