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  1. Hi good day You could be a little more specific, you could try a javascript code in the web form that makes this functionality but I need to know more detail to help you regards
  2. Hello good afternoon I have a detail with a spel since this to place the value of the zGrupop_inicial field in the group.id field I share the spel code if(type=="R" && active == 1) { if(status.code == "OP") { if(codeRol=="SOLSERRED") { send_wait(0, this, "get_attr_vals", 1, "zGrupo_Inicial"); zGrupo_Inicial=msg[3]; if(is_null(zGrupo_Inicial) || is_empty(zGrupo_Inicial) || zGrupo_Inicial=="") { send_wait(0, t
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