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  1. Hello everyone! I have this problem: on the server when invoking a page which scripts a site outside of CA SDM delivers this error: <<Refused to connect to 'http: // someURL' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src http: // someURL”>> The way to solve this is by adding to the Apache Tomcat configuration file the following: Header connect-src 'self' http: // someURL Now, I need to know which file I have to add that? Best regards. Ana KBS.
  2. Hi @cdtj I could get the value using this: window.document.forms["main_form"].elements["SET.customer"].value; Thanks for your orientation and help Best regards Ana KBS.
  3. Hi @cdtj I tried but I don't get the customer id Thanks for your help. Ana KBS.
  4. Hello everyone! I need to get the customer contact_uuid value from detail_cr.htmpl when I'm creating a new request. The known way, using $args.customer.id returns null because the ticket is not created yet. I know I can get the tenant value using a javascript variable "argTenantID" or "argPersistentID" to obtain the ticket persistent_id. ¿Is there any variable like those to obtain the customer ID? I need to obtain the value in order to send it to a function defined in a personalized button in the same form, while I'm creating the request. Best regards.
  5. Hello everyone! I need some help about this... I'm developing a spell function but I need it executes only if the user is connected to SDM with the role: "Level 2 Analyst" I know in forms we can use the var $cst.id but how is it called in a spell function?? Best regards and thanks in advance. Ana KBS.
  6. Hello! I need to add an expiration date to answer the surveys, considering this: a) Every survey will have a custom attribute to indicate the "expiration time" (in hours). b) Every ticket will have a custom attribute to register the "expiration date"(in timestamp). c) There will be a function will consider the "expiration time" to calculate the "expiration date" based on "current date". Do you have any suggest about how I can handle the expiration date clicking the URL survey? Thanks in advance. Ana KBS.
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