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  1. You're awesome. As soon as I'm able to make the attempt, I'll report back. Thanks again!
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to modify our request list to colour each request based on priority. I've narrowed it down to be either in list_cr.htmpl and/or list_edit.js. I've tried inserting a PDM_IF tag somewhere around line 337 on list_cr.htmpl. Problem is, I'm only stabbing in the dark whether I'm actually using proper syntax or even hitting a variable that exists. I tested with something like this: <PDM_IF "$args.priority" >= "4"> do stuff here </PDM_IF> Does nothing other than blanks the request list. I've been trying to pick apart the docs but I'm not getting something. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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