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  1. That looks like it's done it! Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Thanks again for the reply. I had followup questions back when, but that post got lost in moderator limbo. I've got similar but different questions. The code given was successful, however very inconsistent. What it appears to be doing is colouring the NEXT request's priority. So for instance (and hopefully this wont turn out like crap ) Request | Summary | Status | Last mod. | Priority SR:000001 - My first ticket - Open - New User - 3 ... SR:000002 - My second ticket - Open - New user - 1 ... SR:000003 - My third ticket - Open - New user - 3 ... That's a poorly reproduced example of what our scoreboard would look like. With the given code, the priority of SR:000003 gets coloured red when it should be the one above with the priority 1. Ordinarily I'd do trial and error but this is production with a fair number of concurrent users. They get testy when I mess with the desk too much so I'm hoping to prevail on people who know better than I. Apologies for my idiot questions Thanks
  3. Looks like that's got me started. Thanks for that! I've noticed that it's all over the place though. I look at all requests and even though I've modified the switch statement to only include priority 1 (red) and priority 2 (yellow), I'm finding that some of the time it'll colour priority 4 as yellow, sometimes as black. Is the priority number in the .htmpl the "human" friendly priority, or "sql" priority which is directly inverse? Even still why would it only sometimes colour the number and other times not? Edit: I'm wondering if it's taking URGENCY in place of priority. Seems the ones that don't have colouring, has no urgency set to it. The ones that are coloured, have urgency 2, which strangely lines up with that switch statement. Sorry for the barrage, trying to wrap my head around a fair bit. Thanks again!
  4. You're awesome. As soon as I'm able to make the attempt, I'll report back. Thanks again!
  5. Hello all, I'm trying to modify our request list to colour each request based on priority. I've narrowed it down to be either in list_cr.htmpl and/or list_edit.js. I've tried inserting a PDM_IF tag somewhere around line 337 on list_cr.htmpl. Problem is, I'm only stabbing in the dark whether I'm actually using proper syntax or even hitting a variable that exists. I tested with something like this: <PDM_IF "$args.priority" >= "4"> do stuff here </PDM_IF> Does nothing other than blanks the request list. I've been trying to pick apart the docs but I'm not getting something. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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