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  1. How can I programatically get the pcat:<cta-id> for a servicedesk ticket category? If its doSelect/doQuery how to use these to get the pcat:<cat-id> for a category to set for the creating a ticket?
  2. Can someone help me with some sample code how to use python and request module to create a ticket using the SOAP createRequest? I am getting uneven key value in attribute values. A clean example can help me integrating a very high severity task? -HELP
  3. Hi Community, I have following questions, can someone help me in these- i. Which is the best python package to interact with the servicedesk SOAP interface?If possible any helpful links available for this? ii. Is servicedesk also providing REST interface to interact from external systems? iii. Which version is best suited from the available packages to interact with the server, e.g SOAPpy is not working great with the py3 version platforms? iv. If possible can you provide some code examples from both the types SOAP/REST for Python programming? Waiting for your response. Thanks, Niraj
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