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    "copy" button for request

    hi cdtj I had already found your contributtion in ca community and it works (whit right click-copy) But i want to make a button in detail_cr that has this same function, and i can not call the same function (copy_cr_site) from detail_cr, so i just made a new button that create a new request, and passed all the parameters from the old to the new. If i could call the the same function that is called with right click-copy my problem will be solved, but i don't know how achieve this. Please help
  2. HI! I need some help with the creation of a button to copy requests I modified the detail_cr from with this. <form name="frm003"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.requested_by" value="$args.requested_by"> <input type="hidden" name="requested_by_combo_name" value="$args.requested_by.combo_name"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.customer" value="$args.customer"> <input type="hidden" name="customer_combo_name" value="$args.customer.combo_name"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.assignee" value="$args.assignee"> <input type="hidden" name="assignee_combo_name" value="$args.assignee.combo_name"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.group" value="$args.group"> <input type="hidden" name="group_combo_name" value="$args.group.combo_name"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.priority" value="$args.priority"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.severity" value="$args.severity"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.urgency" value="$args.urgency"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.impact" value="$args.impact"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.resolution_code" value="$args.resolution_code"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.resolution_code" value=<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>$args.resolution_code.sym</PDM_FMT>> <input type="hidden" name="SET.resolution_method" value="$args.resolution_method"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.change" value="$args.change"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.change" value="$args.change.chg_ref_num"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.caused_by_chg" value="$args.caused_by_chg"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.caused_by_chg" value="$args.caused_by_chg.chg_ref_num"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.affected_resource" value="$args.affected_resource"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.affected_resource" value=<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>"$args.affected_resource.COMMON_NAME"</PDM_FMT>> <input type="hidden" name="SET.parent" value="$args.persistent_id"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.parent" value="$args.ref_num"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.category" value="$args.category"> <input type="hidden" name="KEY.category" value=<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>$args.category.sym</PDM_FMT>> <input type="hidden" name="SET.summary" value=<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=JS2>"$args.summary"</PDM_FMT>> <input type="hidden" name="SET.description" value=<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=JS2>"$args.description (creado a partir de la solicitud $args.ref_num)"</PDM_FMT>> </form> And then i created the button as follows <PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Crear copia[!eaI]" Func="create_new('cr',0,0,0,'PRESET=type:R','INITFROM=frm003')" hotkey_name="Create copia[!eaI]" ID=ITIL_REQUEST> It works, a new request is created with all the fields charged from the original ticket. The problem is with the attached files and the properties, if i have a ticket with properties or attached files it does not go to the copy request. How i can attached the files of the original ticket to the copy? How i can pass the properties of the original ticket to the copy? Thanks