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  1. Hi Experts, Can anyone pls guide me if Event Management functionality is available in SDM? if yes pls tell me the process or share related guide if available. Release: r12.6 Version: 'SDr12_6-165'
  2. Hi All, got blank notification, can anyone suggest me how to resolve this thing ? why its showing black ? pls help urgent
  3. Cab Approval

    how can I do that ?
  4. Cab Approval

    No one?
  5. Cab Approval

    Hi experts, I have an issue with CAB approvals. (CAB) must approve a change order before implementing the change order if the CAB Approval field is set to YES. During the approval process, when the change manager clicks Approve or Reject, the change order status is changed to Approved or Rejected, respectively.. But I want to use different status values, I want all 3 members of CAB must approve a change order before implementing and if any 1 of 3 reject it should not approve. How can I do that.. please give me some steps. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, can anyone please tell me how can i add subcategory in Request Area? i have attached the file, i need to make more categories under highlighted (ITAS) .... can anyone pls guide me how can i do that?