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  1. Hi Folks, We have a requirement that each group member should be able to see the tickets raised by individuals in the group. That means if "requested by" of the ticket is group member then all member of the group should be able to see the ticket. Thanks & Regards, Sonu.
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    Mail Eater Configurations

    Hi Folks, Any update on this. Thanks, Sonu
  3. Hi Folks, We are trying to configure mail eater in SDM. Can any body tell me the prerequisites for it. I had gone through the admin guide. Still I am not clear about the prerequisites. Here is what I understand about the prerequisites: 1. Mail Server Login user id. 2. User password. 3. Email ID. 4. 110 Port need to be open from SDM server. Please let me know if I am correct or not. Or I need something more to configure. Thanks & Regards, Sonu