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  1. Hi everyone, After I had click to tab Service Desk -> File -> New Incident/Request, the popup frame appeared but this popup was not full size on screen. I want this popup is full on the screen, then I figured out the popup.js, popup_frames.html, editor_popup.js in WSP but I still get nothing. Can anyone help me to figure out this customization? Thanks and Regards, TuD
  2. Thanks cdtj for your solution. It works perfectly! You made my day :'> TuD
  3. Hi everyone, I have a request from my customer to add "Log Comment" button into detail cr form. I tried adding below code into detail_cr.htmpl but it does not work. Could anyone give me some tips? Thanks in advance! TuD
  4. Hi everyone, In cr table, I create new column "zbgt_summary check". I want to update the value of this attribute via using type of alg called SUM_CHECK. So I write a spell code on alg as the following quotes. After I had used this type SUM_CHECK, the server not response. Other side, when I used "send_wait(0, group_leader, "checkout", tech);" after "_action_desc = tech.zbgt_summary_check;" I got an error "update checkin of cr:404656 failed: AHD03025:Attempt to modify non_CO value". Can anyone help me solve this issue? Thanks in advance!
  5. I checked my form again. This form is on cr. But when I insert your code into my form resolved.htmpl, I am not able to click the "Save" button.
  6. Thanks for your answer, cdtj. But I still get stuck in putting your code in my form. I have Activity Type called "Summary Check" (code is SUM_CHECK) and the form of the "Summary Check" I write is resolved.htmpl . I can not put your code correctly in my form. Help me!