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  1. Hi RGM801, Thanks will test it. I Used default filters that included promts automatically. Can also be manualy don when adding where clause to filter by doing as attached. Regards Spike
  2. Hi All, I need help with joining tables in boxi. How do I join the chg table with the wf table? In the db the wf table uses the change id and link it in the object_id column. When I try to use object_id in join statement it says object_id not found in majic error. Please see below sql: SELECT change.chg_ref_num, change.category_symbol, change.open_date, workflow.start_date, workflow.completion_date, workflow.description, workflow.sequence, workflow.task_symbol, workflow.support_lev_symbol, workflow.status_symbol, workflow.assignee_combo_name, workflow.group_name, workflow.done_by_combo_name, PdmSeconds(workflow.actual_duration) FROM wf workflow, wf w, chg change, chgcat category WHERE change.category_symbol = category.code and change.id = w.id and ( ( (( change.category_symbol ) IN @Prompt('Select Category(s) or Select ALL for All Categories','a','Change Category Lookup\Symbol',multi,free)) OR (' ALL' IN @Prompt('Select Category(s) or Select ALL for All Categories','a','Change Category Lookup\Symbol',multi,free)) ) AND ( (( change.open_date ) between @Prompt('Earliest Open Date', 'D', ,mono,free) AND @Prompt('Latest Open Date', 'D', ,mono,free) ) ) ) Thanks Spike
  3. Hallo all, I am busy creating a Web Intelligence report in BOXI for one of my users who monitors all the work flows for our new users process. She wants to see how long the analyst takes to complete the classic workflow tasks Their is an OOTB value called Actual Duration. The only issue with this is it does not include workshifts. Will it be possible to calculate the actual duration based on a workshift in order to give a true reflection? Please advise Regards Spike
  4. SDM r12.5 Hi All, Is there away in R12.5 change management section where you can cater for Re-occurrence changes? My client wants to create one change order that’s needs to valid on a weekly basis (let’s say every Wednesdays for the next 6 month). Currently they are logging these calls manually and it is quit time consuming and resource intensive. Please advise. Thank you kindly. Regards Spike
  5. SDM R12.5 Now with R12.5 you can set auto closure by default to a status to auto close. What we have noticed in our area is that some analyst instead of resolving the workflow tasks assigned to them the resolve the main ticket. In this case auto closure kicks in. The issue is when time comes to close the call the system can’t do so as there is still pending / uncompleted workflows linked to the change order. Is there a way to prevent Analyst to change a call status to resolve if there is still pending workflows linked? Please advise. Thanks. Regards Spike
  6. Hi All, Can someone please point me in the correct direction? When a SLA is delayed on a call it calculates the Delay Remaining and display the value on the Service Type Tab. How do I reference the Delay remaining value of a call that is delayed in a report? We are using Cognos as a reporting tool. I managed to reference delay remaining in a multiple notification by using below: Delay Remaining: @{sla_events.1.wait_time} Please advise as you help will be highly appreciated. Regards Spike
  7. SDM R12.5 Hi All, We recently loaded Business objects to our Dev and Test environments. Its working great so far and just need help on something. Users are logging personal payroll queries to our payroll department on CA. I am using data partitions from a Service Desk point of view for blocking data. I need to know how to exclude all the calls from the out of the box reports on BOXI logged to our Payroll groups as personal info will be displayed in the reports. Please help as I am still a newbie in BOXI. Thank you kindly. Regards Spike.
  8. Hallo, I assume you are on R12.5. I also had similar issues. We had to create via WSP a zReporting Channel in CR table then srel it to rptmeth as per below as it did not exist in tables: zreporting_method SREL -> rptmeth.id We then added below in the htmpl code: <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDropdown hdr="Reporting Channel" attr="zreporting_method" lookup=no make_required=yes> Its working great as we only have it required on incidents. Hope it helps.
  9. Hi All, Has anyone tried or installed ITPAM workflow on a oracle db. Please advise. Regards Spike
  10. SDM R12.5 Hi all. Can someone please point me in the correct direction? We are using web services to create and update CA contact from our in-house HR system. When we were still on R11.2 a full update took about 4hrs but now on the R12.5 platform a full update of 10000 users takes about 18 hrs. Please advise what I need to do to increase web services performance. Thank you kindly. Regards Spike
  11. SDM R12.5 Hi All, Can someone please assist me as I am trying to create a new change order via hyperlink from one of our in house systems. I managed to get it working with below link: http://server_name:8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?O...NEW+FACTORY=chg Is it possible to include in the above link which category it is supposed to default to? Please advise. Thank you kindly. Regards Mynhardt
  12. Hi All, I added a condition via pdm_load in order to activate future date calls. I modified the detail_chgalg.htmpl form to set the callback and status to hold on call. I created a repeated event and added it to the call_back activity. This will check every hour if the callback date is less than now. Once condition is met it will change call status to open as well as send out an email. This is to cater for future dating calls not to violate unnecessary. The issue is I need to add an action to the action on true on the event to clear the callback date in the call as the repeated event will always send out an email as the callback value is still set. Please advise if this is possible. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you kindly. Regards Spike
  13. SDM R12.5 Good Day All. Can someone please assist me as I am having issues with referencing table in htmpl code. I am trying to add the Expiration Time of a call 100% Sla violation to the list_wf.htmpl screen as a column. I managed to use it in one of my Wokflow task notification as the technicians use this for due date work: Due date: @{sla_events.1.fire_time} and this is the output: Due date: 09/22/2010 16:21:27. When I try to add below to the list_wf.htmpl form as a column I get error below: Code: <PDM_MACRO NAME=lsCol hdr="Due Date" attr="sla_events.1.fire_time"> Error: (Unable to access value list.sla_events.1.fire_time.COMMON_NAME) Please advise as you help will be highly appreciated. Regards Spike
  14. Hi Mikelm, We customized R11.2 change module to include impacted companies as a tab of which you can select multiple companies. We changed the srel to lrel to do so as srel can only select one. We created a zlrel.mod whith specified tables in. Thanks. Spike
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