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  1. Hi everyone, we have an issue with german umlauts (SDM 17.2 with MS Server 2016). There might be an issue with 17.2 and our interface which imports CI-data via Microsoft Excel to SDM. When it´s start to import the plausibility tests shows for example that the location "Schlo stra e 10" does not exists. It should be "Schloßstraße 10". it works perfectly for version 14.1. Booting error message that we don´t have in 14.1: 08/07 11:54:31.80 SDM proctor_JUSTIZSDM 3092 SIGNIFICANT u_converter.c 690 Locale, setlocale(LC_ALL, "") returns: "German_Germany.1252". ICU default converter name: ibm-5348_P100-1997. NX_ICU_CONVERTER_FORCE: . 08/07 11:54:31.81 SDM proctor_JUSTIZSDM 3092 SIGNIFICANT u_converter.c 809 The character set of the local host environment as determined by ICU 53.1 does not match the NX_CHARSET: "ISO-8859-1". You may need to adjust NX_CHARSET or your locale environment; ICU default converter name: ibm-5348_P100-1997, IANA alias: WINDOWS-1252, alias0: IBM-5348_P100-1997, alias1: IBM-5348, alias2: WINDOWS-1252, alias3: CP1252. setlocale(LC_ALL, "") returns: "German_Germany.1252". NX.env --> @NX_CHARSET=UTF-8 Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, there is no way to create a query that will do that, because the transfers only stored in the act_log as a String. There is no existing history. In my opinion you need: 1. A counterfield (z_count_transfers) 2. Spelcode with a trigger --> EVENT("UPDATE") && active == 1 && group { } . The code should count the transfers and incrementing z_count_transfers 3. Stored query (example): type = \'R\' AND open_date > StartAtTime(\'TODAY\') AND z_count_transfers > 0 But that will work for transfers generally....
  3. You can also add +KEEP.RowsPerPage=100 behind a src: <PDM_MACRO name=TAB title="Activity" height=300 id=alg src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=alg+QBE.EQ.call_req_id=$args.persistent_id+QBE.EQ.internal=0+QBE.NE.type=PROP_CHANGED+KEEP.RowsPerPage=100" And you don´t need to change the ListPageLength for all lists.
  4. Thanks cdtj, but i have no idea how i can realize that. I can´t find OP=PG+PG in the existing files. Or must i code it completly new?
  5. And that is exactly my problem. I think it is in one of the encrypted spel-files 🤔
  6. I already tried that. It's working for the list, but not for the page navigation under the list... as JalmariO said.
  7. I want make it for one form too. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  8. Hi, it´s really strange. I think this is a bug or something like that. The documentation says it has to work that way. However try: NOT(type='I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87') It works for me.... I can´t create an incident with that group.
  9. You said that the upload crashed when you try to upload more than one attachment. By default you can upload 10 files simultaneously. And now we don´t know the reason why. Navigate to the SDM install folder --> SDM --> Log --> open stdlog.0....9 with an editor and look at the timestamp when you tried it. It can also be the log-file jsrvr.log
  10. I think we need the STD-Log or the upload log from Tomcat (jsrvr.log)
  11. There is an existing function (fmtType) in list_alg.htmpl that you can use for it... I copied it and changed the function a little bit: function formatKD(value) { //format stuff var ret; ret =nx_unescape(value); ret = ret.replace(/(<BR>\s*){3,}/ig, "<br><br>"); ret = "<br>" + ret + "<br><br>"; rs.data(ret); //Change description to KD var alghtml; var argCRPersidEscaped = nx_escape(listcall_req_id); var argCRType = listCRType; var arrtmp = listcall_req_id.split(':'); var argID = arrtmp[1]; var argFactory = arrtmp[0]; if (listtypecode == "KTSOLN" || listtypecode == "KTREJECT" || listtypecode == "KTSUBMIT") { alghtml = "<A CLASS=record TITLE='Click here to see the Knowledge-Documents" + listsession + "' HREF=\"javascript:popup_window('','SHOW_DETAIL', 0, 0, " + "'directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,status=no,gobutton=no,menubar=no','PERSID=KD:" + listsession + "', 'HTMPL=kt_document_view.htmpl', 'opener=search_tools', 'open_mode=2', 'reload=1', 'SOLUTION_OF=" + argCRPersidEscaped + "', 'disable_solution_survey=true', 'TICKET_FACTORY=cr', 'SOLUTION_OF_ID=" + argID + "'," + "'PATH_IDS=" + listaction_desc + "')\">\n"; alghtml += value; alghtml += "</A>\n"; rs.data(alghtml); } } Attach the function for example to the description field (Eof): <PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="Description" attr=description escape=JS2 export=no fmtfunc=formatKD justify="line" sort=no> The function formats like fmtfunc=UnEscapeDesc.... You can also add some text in front of the link: alghtml = "Knowledge-Document: <A CLASS=record TITLE='Click here to see the Knowledge-Documents" + listsession + .....
  12. Hi, why do you need it in the Act_Log? You can show all KD-Documents directly in the ticketform. it can be helpful if you have more than one KD entry or more than one log page.... <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStartRow> document.writeln('<TR><TH ALIGN=LEFT class=detailro colspan=5>Knowledge-Documents</TH></TR>'); <PDM_LIST FACTORY=kdlinks PREFIX=kdlinks WHERE="cr='$args.persistent_id'"> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStartRow> detailSetRowData('&bull; <a href="?OP=SHOW_DETAIL+PERSID=KD:$kdlinks.kd+HTMPL=kt_document_view.htmpl" target="_blank">$kdlinks.kd - $kdlinks.kd.TITLE</a>'); </PDM_LIST>
  13. Found a solution from cdtj that changes the ticket status with a button. I adapted it with my needs and know it´s really ugly (Hope it will not causes problems in future): function empty_rootcause() { alert("First enter a rootcause!"); window.localStorage.setItem('rootcause_empty', 'yes'); console.log(localStorage); var status = 'KE'; var query_str = cfgCgi + "?SID=$prop.SID+FID=$prop.FID+OP=UPDATE" + "+FACTORY=cr+PERSID=" + "$args.persistent_id" + "+KEEP.new_status=" + status; browseWithURL(query_str); } function open_rootcause() { <PDM_IF "$args.rootcaue" == "" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit"> function emptytrue() { if (currentAction == 0 && localStorage.getItem("rootcause_empty") == "yes") { clearInterval(myInterval); ahdframe.document.getElementsByName('SET.status')[0].value = "$args.KEEP.new_status"; jQuery("label[for='df_5_2']")[0].click(); window.localStorage.removeItem('rootcause_empty'); console.log(localStorage); } } if (('$args.KEEP.new_status' != '') && ('$prop.form_name_3' == 'edit')) { var myInterval = setInterval(emptytrue, 100); } </PDM_IF> } ImgBtnCreate("btnSOLN", "Solution", 'empty_rootcause();', 1, 0); <body class="detailro" onload='loadActions();open_rootcause();' onunload="unloadActions()"> Thanks @cdtj
  14. Hi, is it possible to open the rootcause "selection form" in reading-mode when the rootcause is empty and someone is clicking the SOLN-Button? Button: ImgBtnCreate("btnSOL", "Solution", 'openrootcause();', 1, 0); openrootcause() { <PDM_IF "$args.rootcause" == ""> 1. open rootcause selection 2. Update and save ticket } Thanks a lot
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