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  1. Hi all, is it possible to change the display name or to expand another field of the CI in CMDB-Visualizer? For example: CI-Name --> CI-Name/serialnumber? thanks.
  2. henning1518

    How to add/modify Request Area

    Hi, thats very simple. You have to seperate the new subcategory with a dot. For example: ITAS.AMS for the first entry. For the second entry create a new category with ITAS.ATM PROVIEW. For a third level category: ITAS.AMS.Test
  3. Hi there, is it possible to search over two factories with PDM_LIST? (org and nr)I have to solve the following task: Display all CI`s from the organization that the customer belongs to... (customer --> organization --> nr) With the location it work´s very well: <PDM_LIST PREFIX=list FACTORY=nr WHERE="location.id=U'$args.customer.location.id' and z_zd IS NOT NULL" ESC_STYLE=HTML> <TD VALIGN=TOP class=detailro>$list.model.sym</TD> <TD VALIGN=TOP class=detailro>$list.z_zd.sym</TD> <TD VALIGN=TOP class=detailro>$list.class.type</TD> .... Thank you.
  4. henning1518

    Clear property fields when copying a CR

    That works fine: function zClearProp() { if (location.href.indexOf('METHOD=copy_cr') > 0) { var i; //Maximum porperties for (i=0; i<=22; i++) { document.main_form.elements["SET.prop"+ i +".value"].value = ""; } } } ........ body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();zClearProp();" onunload="unloadActions()">
  5. Hello, when i copy a cr with filled property values, the fields will also filled in the new cr. How can i prevent this? tmplcopy_site.spl? But i don´t now the right syntax. Thanks.
  6. henning1518

    Using jquery to hide row in table

    Thanks that works
  7. Hi, i have a problem to hide rows in a table with jquery. The rows have only a text value. It works perfect with columns. Codesample of table in cmdb_versioning_tab.htmpl: <table width="100%" height="100%" id="cmdbVersionDetails"> ..... <tbody><tr><td class="data" valign="top"><b>123456<b></b></b></td></tr><tr class="table_banded_row"><td class="data" valign="top">Contacts</td><td class="data" valign="top">Last change by</td><td class="data" valign="top">Doe, John</td></tr><tr class="table_row"><td class="data" valign="top">Location</td></tr> .......... </tbody></table> Hide columns: function hideColumns() { var ownerIndex = jq('th:contains("Changed by")').index(); if(ownerIndex != -1) { jq("#cmdbVersionDetails tbody tr").each(function() { jq(this).find("td:eq(" + ownerIndex + ")").remove(); jq(this).find("th:eq(" + ownerIndex + ")").remove(); }); Hide rows: function hideRows() { var ownerIndex = jq('tr:contains("Last changed by")').index(); if(ownerIndex != -1) { jq("#cmdbVersionDetails tbody tr").each(function() { jq(this).find("tr:eq(" + ownerIndex + ")").remove(); }); I've tried many many combinations..........
  8. henning1518

    Issue with Readonly field

    <PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookupReadonly hdr="Group" attr=Group> That works.
  9. Hi guys, i tried to change the field "Group" or "Assigne" to a ReadOnly field (detail_in.htmpl), but it failed: <PDM_IF "$env.NX_REQUIRE_INCIDENT_GROUP" == "Yes"> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookupReadonly hdr="Group" attr=group evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\"" make_required=yes> <PDM_ELSE> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookupReadonly hdr="Group" attr=group evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\""> </PDM_IF> Error: AHD04622: Undefined Arguments supplied to EVT MAKE_REQUIRED an PDM_MACRO DTLLOOKUPREADONLY ..... Can somebody help? Environment: SDM 14.1. CUM Thanks.
  10. henning1518

    How i define empty fields after copy CR

    Hi, you just made my day Thank you very much!
  11. henning1518

    How i define empty fields after copy CR

    I want that a message box appears when i copied a CR and a field has a specified or emtpy value. After confirming the alert message the "copy-window" should close. if (z_value1) != '' { alert ("It´s not allowed to copy a ticket with that value") detailCancel(); }
  12. henning1518

    How i define empty fields after copy CR

    do you have a complete code sample for me ? I think i must modify detail_in.htmpl
  13. henning1518

    How i define empty fields after copy CR

    Hi, that works perfect! one last question How i realize that a message (popup) appears, when i copied a cr and a field is filled with a specified value. After that the window must cancel automatically (cancel the copy process). if (z_value1) == 'Not ok' { alert ("That´s not allowed!") window.cancel (); } ..... Which file i must change? THANKS!
  14. henning1518

    How i define empty fields after copy CR

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Both ways aren´t working for me. I think it´s because i have a customized field with 2 values. After i copied a ticket i can´t change the field back to default (<empty>). Do you have any idea? Another solution could be that i don´t allow to copy a CR when a customized field within the ticket has value XYZ.
  15. Hi, how and where can i define fields that should be empty after a copied ticket (Incident/Problem/Request)? thanks a lot.