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  1. vgen

    conditional checkbox

    Trying to eliminate the spel usage, so looking to achieve this one using client side scripting
  2. vgen

    conditional checkbox

    If it is not easy to achieve on the fly, I'm good with having the checkbox checked after the CO form was saved for selected categories.
  3. Need assistance in setting a custom check box ON based on a selected category, just on the fly and before saving the CO form, please let me know.
  4. Could anyone please suggest on how to resize the attachments list pop up form from a custom button?
  5. Is it possible to print the resolution time on a custom field that calculates the time it took from Ticket Open to Resolve status? Please suggest on how to achieve this customization.
  6. I'm needing some assistance in creating a custom button for converting a request to incident on the fly. Though I was able to accomplish initially using a dropdown field by Type attribute but majority of our users would like to have a button instead of dropdown having the same functionality. Please suggest some ideas or share your solution, if you have already accomplished such requirement.
  7. I need some help in automatically setting the original request ticket (parent) status to 'closed' right after creating an incident using OOTB 'Create Incident' button on request detail form. If anyone had success in configuring a solution and willing to share, this would be of great help in this regard. Thank You!!
  8. I tried saving transfer form with empty fields and it saves without error blanking out both fields.
  9. On pressing F12, the error "Unrecognized expression" were related to below lines and removing these 2 lines, the functionality worked as intended. ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.group]").val(""); Thank you so much sir, on this customization code assistance. Have a great day!!
  10. hi cdtj, Hopefully I have added your code in the right places and it didn't worked for me, also there were no errors in stdlog file. Please see below and advise if this is not the correct location to add in xfer_esc_cr.htpml file. function initApcForNewTicket() { if ( "$args.type" == "I" || "$args.type" == "P" ) { ..................... .................. if (pri_cal_enabled == 'true' || "$args.KEEP.auto_pri_cal_mt" == "true") { var priority = document.main_form.elements["SET.priority"]; priority.disabled = "true"; priority.style.backgroundColor = "gainsboro"; } } } function zEmptyAsgnGrp() { jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); jq("[name=assignee_combo_name]").val(""); jq("[name=SET.group]").val(""); jq("[name=group_combo_name]").val(""); } </script> </head> <body onload="load_from_scratchpad('0');initApcForNewTicket();setFieldsForCapReasonAsync();zEmptyAsgnGrp()" onunload="clearParentResumeAction();unload_check()" class=editform> <PDM_INCLUDE FILE=std_body.htmpl>
  11. Our Service Desk team are the first responders on all requests and more than 60% of those demands transferring to other teams for addressing the end user needs. The pain for our team is that they need to clear the value in New Group or New Assignee fields before making a selection. Hope it makes sense.
  12. Could anyone please suggest on how to set clearing the value in the New Group & Assignee fields automatically upon launching the transfer page (xfer_esc_cr.htmpl)? At the moment, it auto-fills with same assignee name and group name as in current Assignee & Group fields when clicked on Activities -> Transfer option in requests.
  13. Hi cdtj, I reran the scenario of attaching a request on Related Tickets tab in CO form using the updated script with logf statement and captured the below line from stdlog file for this activity. 05/24 11:09:21.11 <servername> spelsrvr 12132 SIGNIFICANT z_log_change.spl 21 cr:2347841 > CO changed: 464402 -> 464254 Also, the Field update activity on the request ticket is shown below but no activity/event log on the CO ticket yet. FIELD='Change' OLD='63313' NEW='63297'
  14. Hi cdtj, I don't see the logging for request ticket number in CO when created a CO from request but the CO ticket number is logged in request ticket. Thank You!
  15. For SREL fields, it looks straightforward for enabling audit log, please see below for object attributes from WSP. cr object change SREL chg --> AUDITLOG enabled caused_by_chg SREL chg --> AUDITLOG enabled chg object parent SREL chg --> AUDITLOG enabled children QREL chg Advanced tab info DYNAMIC { DOMSET chg_list; WHERE parent = ? ; PARAM_NAMES id ; } caused_cr_list BREL cr Advanced tab info caused_by_chg DYNAMIC { DOMSET cr_list; WHERE caused_by_chg = ? ; PARAM_NAMES id; } cr_list BREL cr Advanced tab info change DYNAMIC { DOMSET cr_list; WHERE change = ? ; PARAM_NAMES id; }