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  1. Hello, I am using your customization in our environment for external users, everything is working fine but when i click update button field is update but also giving me below error. AHD04407:CA Service Desk Manager html generation error. Could not find or process 'detail_cnt_ro.htmpl'.AHD04714:Unable to open file detail_cnt_ro.htmpl at ?: No such file or directory (2) userid=********** Kindly help me! Regards, Naveed Akhter
  2. Hi, I am using CA Service Desk 14.1, I have add text field in (detail_in.htmpl) page for customer phone_number which is defined manually, I want to do it automatically when i select affected end user their phone_number will automatically populated in text field. Kindly help me how can i do this.
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