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  1. Hi all, Happy new year! We have a list of 153 Change Order templates that we use (SDM > File > New Change Order from Template). When we click to raise a new change order from template, only 101 are listed. Clicking the search button at the top (making no changes to the search arguments, everything wildcarded as default) lists them all as expected. This has only just started occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SDM v12.7 Many thanks
  2. Hi all, When running a query in Boxi, I am getting the attached error. This is only happening when trying to use one particular field; all other fields seem to be okay. Any help with be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  3. Good morning good people of Service Desk Manager, When attempting a pdm_publish, I am encountering the following error: Pdm_publish - Implement DBMS schema changes from Web Screen Painter Verifying files output from Web Screen Painter... AHD04763:Required file wsp.altertbl is not in E:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1/site/mods This probably means that you did not publish the schema with Web Screen Painter before running pdm_publish From looking at previous posts regarding this topic, and from the error, it is suggested that we are not saving and then publishing. I can assure that w
  4. Thank you for your reply estli01 Unfortunately, using another browser is not an option on this DEV server. It works fine in our UAT and PROD environments. Is there any config file that could be causing this issue? Is a different browser thought to be a fix for this known issue? Many thanks
  5. Hi all, Hope all is well today. Is there a way of locking down all tickets assigned to "Group A", so members of any other group are not able to view them? I have tried searching the forum, but couldn't find the answer, so apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere. We are on version r12.7. Many thanks
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