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  1. Hello. I've never customized Service Desk Manager web forms before and could use some guidance. My ultimate goal is to ... 1) Detect when the value of the "Need By Date" of a Change Order is updated. 2) Based on the number of days difference between the system date/time and the value of the "Need By Date", set the Priority to a specific value. Pertaining to a copy of the detail.chg.htpml file, here is what I've done so far ... 1) In the section of the code where all the PDM_MACRO lines are, I added the following code to invoke a function when the value of "Need By Date" changes. <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDate hdr="Need By Date" attr=need_by evt="onChange=\\\"set_priority_using_need_by_date()\\\""> 2) Next, in the java script section, I added a new function to test if I could invoke it. Here is my test code. function set_priority_using_need_by_date() { showAlertMessage("Function Invoked", true); } I then backed up the current htpml file in the analyst folder, then copied in the one that I modified. I did a pdm_webcache from a cmd prompt as well. When I access the modified Change Order page from the GUI, I get an error message. AHD04622:Undefined arguments EVT supplied to PDM_MACRO DTLDATE In the std log, it has AHD04622:Undefined arguments EVT supplied to PDM_MACRO DTLDATE at detail_chg.htmpl[503]. I'm a bit lost on this. Can someone advise me on what I might be doing wrong? Much appreciated. Thank You.
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