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  1. Palko:)

    Macro running after call is resolved

    Hi gbawden, You should amend your condition (Status <> WIP) with atomic condition that the Value of the "status resolved flag" attribute is 0. K.
  2. Palko:)

    Mailbox rules question

    Hi, I realized that the mail from the Exchange mailbox is in HTML format and the maileater can't handle it. I changed the mail format to plain text and it works, the body of the mail is in the Description field of the new ticket. Regards, K.
  3. Palko:)

    Mailbox rules question

    Hi, I've the same problem but only when I send the email from an Exchange mailbox (via webmail). If I send the same email from a gmail mailbox the body of the mail appears in the Description field of the new ticket as it is expected. Unfortunately I can't use the %DESCRIPTION=.... because the email is sent from an external system and I can't place any word in it. Any idea? Regards, K.
  4. Thank you mitcr. It is understandable. In our case the external system ticket will be uniq. I consider to make a new field for it in the call_req table, and it will be used only for this type of external system tickets IDs. Regards, K.
  5. Hi Everybody, I added the following line to the Keywords in the text_api.cfg, so we can create an incident where the External System Ticket field is contain the proper external ticket number: INCIDENT.EXT_TICKET=external_system_ticket.STRING ( for example there is this in the mail's body %EXT_TICKET=111112) Is there a way to make the maileater use the External System Ticket field as the default field when updating a ticket via email instead of 'INCIDENT_ID' ? How could I make the proper filter string for this in the mailbox rule? It is very important an urgent to us to solve this problem. If it is possible at all. Thanks in advance K.