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  1. Hello, Could someone share the knowledge on how to renew certificate which is used by the server on the CA Service Desk Manager? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi. Something strange is going on in our system. There is a new text field added on a incident form. It can contain 1 or 0. If I make a search on list_in page with, for example, new field=1 then it shows all the tickets correctly and I can sort by any column. If I create a stored query with where clause " new field=1" and add it on scoreboard, it shows all the tickets but if I sort by any field, the list becomes empty (stored query is on list_cr page always) Can you help me with this?
  3. Algeesa

    Export when multitenancy is enabled

    Thank you for the answer! Yes, we are on 12.7 Is there any way to solve it on 12.7 besides moving to a newer version?
  4. Thank you! Now it is working on 8080
  5. Hello, We are experiencing unknown bugs in the "Export" button functionality. We have Multitenancy enabled in our system and all the access types and roles are set up as we need. But recently we encountered a problem when one of the users is trying to use the "Export" button from the CA web interface: The user, for example, when exporting a list of Incidents should only see the tickets related to his own tenant. (As limited by his access type, role and stored querys) But instead - CA exports Incidents regardless of to which tenant they are related. Even those that should not be there and are invisible from his view in the web interface. We haven't found any obvious ways of configuring the way this button works or any way to understand why this is happening. This is a serious security/privacy issue.. we would greatly appreciate any help on this question
  6. Hi, When I am trying to reinstall EEM I get "CA Directory configuration failed" error. It started when I copied EEM server from production to test environment. EEM works perfectly in production I have already changed logon properties of the service to Local System but it does not help. CA Direcroty service does not run. Even if I remove everything from register and folders I still get this error during installation. EEM Please help!
  7. Hi I have a category for Change Order with couple of workflow tasks. I removed some tasks for this category, but after I've created a Change with the updated category, old workflow was attached to change. What can be the problem? CA SDM 12.7
  8. Hi, We are using 12.7 version and CA is working on 8443 port with SSL. How can we change port to 8080?
  9. Algeesa

    Constraint for DataPartition

    Hi! Thank you for your answer! Does CA have any tool to check condition before saving? Maybe, It is possible through WSP?
  10. Hello! I am trying to create a constraint which forbids to put assignee who is not a member in the group for this ticket. I have tried the update constraint for Call_Req table: assignee in ( group.[group]group_list.member.id ) but I have got an error: Bad where clause. invalid constraint. Check data types of referenced attributes How can I fix this?
  11. Algeesa

    Reconnect DB and BOXI

    Hi! I found a setup file and successfully reinstalled EEM - it works perfectly now, Thank you! You said - Update the ODBC connection on the BOXI server. - how can I do it? When I am running BOXI reports I get A database error occured. The database error text is: [DataDirect][ODBC OpenAccess SDK driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]Error: RegOpenKeyEx(SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\CA Service Desk\WebEngine) Unable to connect: Socket open error on pdmweb.exe - 0 (581)(WIS 10901) Please help!
  12. Algeesa

    Reconnect DB and BOXI

    Unfortunately, I have no setup file at the moment, so, is there any way to reconfigure EEM without reinstalling?
  13. Algeesa

    Reconnect DB and BOXI

    Thank you for your answer! Should I reconfigure EEM server somehow to see the new SDM server? I have already updated iPoz.conf and itechpoz.dxc but when I try to log in EEM I get EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed
  14. Hi I have a task to replace SDM and EEM servers in our Development by SDM and EEM servers from Production. The thing is we had problems with EEM and we had to downgrade EEM version to work correctly with SDM server. Now Production is working fine and we need to copy this servers to Development. DB server and BOXI server are the same in Development, so I need to reconnect copied CA to new SQL and BOXI servers. How can I do this? Will it be enough if I only change NX.env file with new servers? Any information about CA connection with database and Business Objects will help. Ca version is 12.7 Thank you in advance!
  15. Hello All, Unfortunately, our version of CA is out of support, so we did not use CORA we just changed the name of CI directly in the database. Thank you for your answers!