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  1. Dear Manage Engine Community, First off, let me share my surprise as I do not see a specific discussion or article about Service DeskĀ“s Project Management Module! Has any of you dug into this feature? Is any of youy working on it for your project management office? We are pursuing implementing it. However, we have identified various hampers in the process due to lack of functionalty. We would like to share practices and experiences with clients who have adapted this module into their business and needs. Perhaps, with certain tips and trick (and a way to go around the tool) you could help us to use it. We have the 8.2 version and have already shared a myriad of e-mails with Manage Engine Help Desk. Although helpeful and proactive, their answers have not been conclusive: most of the functionalities we would like are not present. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I look forward to your reply!!! Jorge Project Managener Bolivian Commercial Bank
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