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  1. Hi , Is there any possibility to restrict the notifications for only to a particular person whenever a Request/incident with particular category ? Means not notifying to entire group when the Req/Inc selected with that particular category.. Regards Johnson
  2. Hi Team, How to regulate notifications for the notifications? like for with in the same group members, not all the contacts should receive the group notifications. Like only to the assignee and to the manager of the assignee should receive notified about the req/inc. Any how we can restrict like that? Regards Johnson
  3. Hi I couldn't upload an image in KD. After saving the document, its not showing the image in KD. Regards Johnson
  4. Hi After saving ticket, in activities tab "resolve activity " is not found from the menu bar. We have to close and reopen the ticket to find this option. why is this happening to the users who belongs to one location? Regards Johnson.
  5. Hi , I would like to know how to redirect mail notification directly to the knowledge document. Please help me with the link format to be set in message template. Regards Johnson
  6. Nothing... only for single user...May be for few users. tomcat status is fine..
  7. Hi Muhtesham, Thanks for your help. I tried this settings were fine..Any other way ? Regards JS
  8. Hi Team, When a user tries to download an attachment from the Request, he is getting the following error. "Download Failed-AHD04012 security id(xxxx) not found or has expired." Regards JS
  9. Hi team, i would like to update the notification which goes to end users at the time of ticket creation mentioning the expected time of resolution. please help me with this notification template.
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