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  1. How to create a local user in ca servicedesk 12.7 the requirement is, even if we disable the authentication they should be able to login to CA
  2. HI, we are using CA servcedesk manager 12.7. we need to disable lotus notes authentication.we are not sure how its configured. PLease suggest if anyone have any idea.
  3. CA services are up but not able to login to CA. Could you please suggest the solution. Getting error in log files as below:
  4. Hi, We have a requirement from Customer. They want to Integrate Remedy with CA SDM. Whenever a ticket got created/updated in remedy, it has to automatically update in CA SDM. Please guide me how can i do this?
  5. HI, I am asking about the service targets attached to a ticket.How can I query ?
  6. Hi, We have configured service targets. I want to know in which table service targets gets store? and the relation between the ticket and service target table.. Thanks
  7. Hi, In Current scenario of ca sdm, SLA setup is setup in such a way that the events are calculated from Open date/time Can we have any option that events start to calculate from the first time the ticket is saved. for example, we have a ticket where there is a time gap between Open time and when the ticket is saved. Lets say time gap is 15 minutes (In our case response violation time is 15min) - it means it is violated here. Can we have any option to calculate the time once the ticket is saved?
  8. As far I know, the code is hardcoded for Notify flag and Manager flag. You cannot use the same functionality for zfield.
  9. Please add below line between Problem type and Urgency. You will get a blank column . <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStartRow>
  10. Hi Team, Please let me know the column name in infoview which defines the count of incidents attached to a problem?
  11. Hi Mitcr01, could you please guide me how can we design sla events from ticket accepted date.
  12. CORA Cleanup will definetly solve the issue. Try to search how to do the cora cleanup.
  13. Hi, the formula I am trying is PdmSeconds(PdmDownTime('Gold','Mon - Fri { 8:00 am - 5:00 pm }', cr.zaccep_date,cr.open_date))/3600 If I remove pdmseconds, the o/p is coming as #DATATYPE. I hope the problem is with the customized column zaccep_time.the date format is not matching with the OOTB column format.
  14. Hi, For 3rd point, I have tried in reports. here I am facing the issue. Could you please help me on this. As suggested, i have created a column to store the accepted date.When i use in reports, i am not getting the correct data. Here is the query fyr. SELECT cr.ref_num, cr.open_date, cr.zaccep_time, PdmSeconds(PdmDownTime('Gold','Mon - Fri { 8:00 am - 5:00 pm }', cr.zaccep_date,cr.resolve_date))/3600 FROM cr WHERE cr.ref_num = 'I436378' Ref Num - I436378 Open Date - 01/11/2016 09:25:34 AM Zaccep date - 1/20/16 ResponseSLA_in_hours - 3.86 Here I am having 2 queries. 1. Customized column date format is not same as Open date format 2. Incorrect days count in Responsesla_inhours clumn.
  15. Hi, Can some one answer my queries on SLA setup. 1. If the ticket priority is changed from 4 to 3, Here P4 SLA will gets cancelled and P3 sla gets attached.But here sla clock is calculating the time from ticket open date.Is there any solution/alternative that sla clock should calculate from the date when priority is changed. 2. Lets say for P1 ticket, the response time is 15 mins. here the analyst transferred the ticket to other group after 20 mins. The ticket is violated by first group.Its similar to 1st question.Can we calculate response sla from ticket reassigned date(after 20 mins)? 3. How can we calculate response and resolution from so and so status.Our requirement is response time has to calculate once the ticket status is changed from "Open" to "Accepted" and resolution sla has to calculate from "ACcepted" to "resolved". Thanks Ammu
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