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  1. Hi I wrote below spl script & trigger but it doesn't work for me.. Ticket not getting saved with or without configuration item.. Can you please help me where i am doing wrong.. cr::zmyscript(...) { string zmsg; if(is_empty("affected_rc")) { zmsg=format("Configuration Item is required in order to close this incident"); set_error(1); set_return_data(zmsg); return; } } PRE_VALIDATE zmyscript() 111 FILTER(active==0);
  2. How to make "Configuration Item" required on Closure of incident and Incident area is "Hardware"
  3. Hi All, We have CA SDM 12.9 in our production environment. We have a requirement - change calendar to display / list change order tickets(CRN) that are scheduled today (Actual Start Date) and other CRN's with other dates should not be visible. How to achieve this.
  4. Dear All, We have CA SDM 12.9 in our environment. We have a requirement that Approve / Reject button to be given in detail_cr.htmpl (Analyst) to approve or reject a request raised by users. Whether this can be doable.. Help me how to do this.
  5. HI, Do we need to have Java older version for REST service. We have 1.7.10 version and in KB article its mentioned 1.6.0_30 version is supported by REST
  6. HI All, I configured REST Service on port 8050 in SDM 12.9, but not able to access REST URL Http://localhost:8050/caisd-rest - page cannot be displayed error is thrown
  7. Dear All, We have a requirement to make "impact" and "urgency" read only in detail_in.htmpl form. How to achieve this. We are using CA SDM 12.9
  8. Hi, Thanks for the code, but still i couldn't get you.. Our requirement is conditionally display of custom field based on the request area user chose.
  9. Dear All, We have a requirement, in detail_cr (employee , analyst) custom contact field "zHOD" to be displayed based on request area selection by end user. How can this be achieved and we don't want to use property feature, as property will not have lookup field..
  10. Hi, Thanks for your prompt response and is there any way can we do with spel code
  11. Dear All, We have a requirement, SDM 12.9 to be integrated with SMS for sending out SMS notification if there P1 / P2 incident created in CA Service Desk manager.. I think we don't have OOB option available in CA SDM and how can we do this integration. We have got API from vendor to trigger SMS notification from service desk.. They have given Http URL for triggering an incident into SMS. http://www.zzz.com/smpp/sendsms?username=[xxxxxxxx]&password I am not a developer and people please help me how to achive this.
  12. Hi Cdtj, I am trying the below code, which is not working in my case. <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Type" attr=chgtype evt="onchange='makeIncMandatory(this)'"> function makeIncMandatory(value) { if (value == "<Emergency>") { detailMakeReq("incident attribute", false); } else { detailMakeReq("incident attribute", true); } }
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