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  1. I am attempting to create a query that would tell me how many tickets (I & R) were created for this month last year. I cannot get the timespans correct to report on the 13 months ago beginning at the start of the month and 12 months ago beginning at the start of the month. Can someone please explain the best way to get the timespans correct?
  2. We are making changes to our queues and we want to provide certain end users (Upper Mgmt) a way to view calls tranferred from old queue to new queue. Is there a query that will provide this information?
  3. In R11.2, I recently needed to install Cumm Patch 4 to address an issue with SQL disconnects. Since then, we are unable to cross-parent Incidents and Requests. We could do this previously, but now are unable to. So only Incidents can be parents of Incidents, and Requests can be parents of Requests. Anyone know of a setting to correct this. I have checked the options and searched through previous forum questions. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Thank you for this information. We realize that this could be the case, but this is what they want. I am going to attempt to talk them out of this, but as long as I have the option, they will be happy.
  5. Regarding your question, yes that is what they are looking for. Unfortunately, that is what they are trying to prevent (the dis-satisfied customer). We are in agreement on how the world works, but they do not understand. Regarding your question, yes that is what they are looking for. Unfortunately, they are trying to prevent the dis-satisfied customer issue. We are in agreement on how the world works, but they do not understand.
  6. Thank you for the input, but as I said, I know that I can do this through policy. I wanted to know if there is functionality already in the system for this. Is there a setting that I am not seeing or some such.
  7. Is there a way to make a requirement that the affected user must close the ticket... I can do it in policy, but the company is asking for this. I do not believe that this is the best idea, but I need to at least make an effort to search all avenues for thier request before I either tell them "no" or "yes, but...". Any information is greatly appreciated. BMV
  8. In 11.2, I am attempting to add the Group (Queue) name to the title of the SLA Notification e-mail. If I use @{group}, it gives me the UUID for the group. Is there a way to transform this to the name of the group?
  9. Believe that it maybe the SQL Server time.
  10. Thank you very much for the new steps to get this info. I have been hacking away at things and kind of learning, and seeking advise here for a while. I love seeing new 'to me' info.
  11. In CASD 11.2, I am trying to create a query for issues using some variable that would access the last_mod_dt. Looking at the Entity Relationship Diagram, it appears that there is a last_mod_dt in ISS, but the Stored Query does not recognize it. I also tried Last_update_date and still same issue. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  12. Just a point of inquiry, what/where does the +15 go in the Trigger Time portion(Hr or Min)?
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