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  1. We've been wanting to add colors to the announcements too.
  2. Thank you, thank you estli01!! I had to modify the txt file to work in our environment (added fields), but the fragment column you wrote was perfect. We now have the new macro working in all our environments, even production!
  3. Thanks!! We'll review & give this a try.
  4. HI, I'm not sure if the new Request Workflow in v14.1 qualifies as Classic or what, so am posting my question in this forum. We'd like to automatically set Request status=Resolved when all workflow tasks are marked Completed. I cannot seem to do this via Events. Has anyone built this in any of the various workflows? Thanks mucho!
  5. desertmoxie

    add APM OOTB field to CMDB

    The CA Asset Portfolio Mgmt app has some very nice fields that we need to see/update via CMDB. Since the data exists in the SQL database on ca_owned_resource already (loaded when APM installed), how do we add the fields to CA Service Desk so they are visible to put on htmpl form? Has anyone done this? We opened CA ticket & were told that it requires CA Services to accomplish. Seems a bit extreme since the column is in the DB...
  6. Hi again, Option 1 isn't working. I created a new Activity Notification, but don't see how it'll be recognized by system without more information than I can enter? I copied the field update notification activity & created it as sym 'affected end user update', but nowhere can I link to either the affected end user field or the field update? What am I missing? Option 1 Go to administration -> notifications -> Activity Association Find "Affected End User" for Requests Change Activity Type from Field Update to a brand new created type for example End User Update Go Activity Notification List and find new activity type create an event that also should check -according to your requirement- old value of affected end user So we'll try option #2, thanks.
  7. Thanks! We'll give this a try.
  8. Hola - we're receiving incidents via mail eater from another system that can only provide a single name for affected end user. So when our service desk agents get it, they will update the Affected End User w/ the human name from the description in the ticket. So I need to send a 'initial incident' notice to the human user when that field is updated. However when I select "Field update" as my activity notification, it will trigger when *any* field is updated. 1. How do I just get it to trigger when a single field, i.e. Affected End User, is updated? 2. If I can do that, can I also restrict it so it sends when the affected end user field is updated from a specific system user name to anything else? Thinking that I may need a new activity notification, I built a new one for "affected end update" as per the admin guide which is woefully insufficient as there's no way to associate a field or trigger or anything with that new activity notification. So it's a useless activity notification? Thanks for any help or direction as to where to find help!
  9. desertmoxie

    Date Property Validation Rule

    Hi Steven - did you ever get an answer? I've got a request to not only add Date but also a Multi-Select validation rule type. We're on SD v 12.7.
  10. desertmoxie

    Modify OOTB column using Schema Designer

    Thanks so much for the assistance!
  11. desertmoxie

    Modify OOTB column using Schema Designer

    Hi Saran, in the Skeletons table (KD), I need to make review_date required *or* automatically set review_date to "publish date + 6 months" (I could use sysdate+6months if that's easier).
  12. Hola - I'm newly administering CA SD, and have been offered differing advice regarding best way to update out-of-the-box columns. My end-user requested to update ootb date field by 1) making it required and 2) setting a default value of 'now+6months'. 1. The schema designer has a simple "Required" checkbox, which, on other apps I've administered, I'd just check. However I was told that it's better to update the form. When I searched this forum, it seems using the form is for conditionally required. My user just wants a required w/o any conditions. Any thoughts on using Schema Designer "Required" field vs. using Form? If I make it required on the schema designer, is it required 'going forward' or do I need to populate field in database for existing records? Then, what if my user wants to make it 'unrequired'. Is it possible to remove the required (that I checked) in schema designer without causing issue? 2. Also in the schema designer, there's an "On New Default Value" option with a drop-down. However the only value I see here is "NOW". Has anyone ever added another value to this option? I called support & they didn't have an answer. Seems to me that where's there a drop-down, there's a way to add values! Thanks for your help.