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  1. Hi experts, I need some help to conclude a custom... Can someone help me to understand what is wrong and how I can fix this? I appreciate any help. I have a custom object (z_objeto_automatizacao) and I need to relate it to pcat object. Almost everything is working properly execpt when I click on Search Button it opens the list form of custom object, instead of update_lrel form. It should open my update_lrel form (update_z_lrel_pcat_objautom.htmpl), like this example of update_lrel_pcat To get to this point I create a LREL table (z_lrel_pcat_objautom) with a SREL to PCA
  2. Thanks cdtj, I solved by doing this: I included in my code to get the task status persid and do a dob_by_persid to obtain the object tskstat factory After this I check if the allow_update_task were 0 and if so, change it for 1 using update_object_super method So the code can update workflow task field. In the end I check workflow task status were one of those that had allow_update_task were 0 previously and run another update_object_super to update for 0 again. So it works.
  3. Hi experts. I'm trying to update an attribute in a workflow task by SPEL using "update_object_super" or "set_val", however for all workflow task that has "allow_update_task" checked, I receive the following message error, e.g INVALID : AHD05815:Unable to update a workflow task in 'Wait' state. Is there any way to overcome this by SPEL code? Cause if I just uncheck "allow_update_task", users will be able to update it. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone, I need to add child incident list that are here on incident: IncFilhos.jpg (Attached) add to related incidents list on the tab 'Parent/Child Relationship', subtab 'related incidents list' on related problem, if possible also child of child. ProbVinculados.jpg (Attached) According to my seaches I need to configure detail_pr.htmpl in the line bellow, but I dont know how to do it to add child list and probably a dataset to add child of child. <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Incidentes Vinculados" height=300 id=att_inc src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=in+QBE.EQ.problem.id=$
  5. Hey everyone, I need to certificate that a specific internal document is updated depending on the demand. So I created a request worflow task "Update Document" and set to the category. Now, I want to prevent that analysts set the ticket status as Resolved if that task is 'Pending'. I appreciate if someone could help me to achieve that. Thanks in advance.
  6. Solved. The values are string and are compared as string and not as date. With both values, did : zstart_date = new Date(document.......)
  7. Hi all. I developed a JavaScript function to prevent that call_back_date field be less than alg.time_stamp date (activity date). Date is in format DD/MM/YYYY The problem is that it's seems like comparing if the day of call back date is greater than day of activity date. Even if the month is greater, if the day is minor it's considering call back less than activity date. I attached a screenshot with an example. I appreciate any help that let me to solution. Thanks and regards. function zValidateSchedDate(){ var zStartDate, zSchedDate; var zS
  8. Hi experts, after I migrate mdb and CA SDM from server (source and target version 17), when search incidents, the list does not load and when search by especific numbers it is not found as you can see attachments. Checking stdlogs I discovery this search is trying to execute a query with columns wich does not exist in call_req table. for example: call_req.actual_comp_date , call_req.current_wrkshft , call_req.est_comp_date , call_req.start_date. Just to check if it works, I create these fields in SQL Design and it works. However other problems like that happen. Can someone
  9. Hi, after a lot of tries it worked like this: type != 'I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C645' We are denying Incidents for this the group. Thanks for your efforts henning1518. I appreciate it. Good lucky
  10. Hi Hennig, Thanks for helping however when I create a constraint only with "Type != 'I'" it restricts all incidents, even for other groups.
  11. Hello Service Desk Experts, I need to restrict users open Incidents for a Specific group. Only for incidents, request should works. So I'm trying to do this by Data Partition constraint of creation. Eg. Type: Create Table: Call_Req Constraint: type != 'I' AND group != U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87' ***My problem is that this constraint is blocking not only Incidents, but also Requests.*** I already try something like that but it also blocks Requests too. type != 'I' AND group.last_name != 'name_of_the_group' (type != 'I') AND group.id != U'
  12. Hi Black, thanks for responding. I move the code to detail_alg.htmpl, so the validation can be done on the resolution moment. Thanks again. Hugs.
  13. Hi experts, I have the list of symptom codes on my usp_symptom_code table as follows: id del sym 900 0 Application Not Responding 901 0 Error Message 902 0 High CPU Usage 903 0 Slow Response 904 0 System Making Noise 905 0 Unable to Connect 906 0 Unable to Log in 907 0 Unexpected Results 908 0 Unable to Boot 400001 0 Phone Not Responding 400002 0 Phone Error Message 400003 0 Phone Password Forgotten 400004 0 Phone Slow Response 400005 0 Phone Unexpected Results 4000
  14. Hi SDM experts, I'm very newbie on SPEL code. if ( !is_null(assignee) && status == "OP") { status = "WIP" ; How can I change it into a SPEL code? I want that SPEL code check 'assignee' field, if it is not null and it status is equal to 'Open', so set status to 'Work In Progress'. I'm talking about cr object. Can you guys help me?
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