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  1. Hi my friends, I'm trying to update the model information of my CI's using the ID lookup option on the GRLOADER, but I'm receiving an error mensage as bellow. Did you guys ever see the kind of error before? Of course, the model ID is correct on MDB. Error Mensage: <!--WARNING: Ignoring model(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Its definition may not exists (or) manufacturer associated with it is different in mdb.Unable to find unique Model for mfrmod.sym=(9936A046EFCF0445A3394F5EA75E3E83). Unable to find unique Manufacturer for ca_cmpny.sym=(PHILIPS).
  2. Hi Bartosz, how are you? Did you ever try to update the model using the ID lookup? I'm trying to update my CI's using the ID of the model but I'm receiving an error mensage as same as you received earlier.
  3. Hi my friend, Do you find a solution for this request?
  4. Hi my friends, Have you guys ever configure a CI status transition? I need to implement a CI status transition based on organization. I've created a new table "z_ci_custom_status_transition", and filled the information like this: Organization = X actual_ci_status = In service new_status = In stock, In repair, Returned (3 lines on the table, one for each new status allowed.) How can I configure the CI form to show only the status that is allowed on database? Thanks my friends.
  5. This way here works: function zIncident_validation(value) { console.log("value: " + value + ", current ztype2: " + jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val()); // Change ztype2 to your attr name switch (value) { case "400338": jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("INCIDENT"); break; default: jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("REQUEST"); } } Thank you so much for your help @cdtj
  6. g/. send @ jquery-1.9.0.min.js:3 :8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?SID=1631936641+FID=430611102+OP=UPDATE+FACTORY=cr+SET.id=1335752+SET.tenant=F36DF13B416F2B448384F55AD8EAF841+KEEP.POPUP_NAME=USD1562695973656+KEEP.use_role=1:651 value: 400338, current ztype2: REQUEST :8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?SID=1631936641+FID=1787192312+OP=UPDATE+FACTORY=cr+SET.id=1335752+SET.tenant=F36DF13B416F2B448384F55AD8EAF841+KEEP.POPUP_NAME=USD1562695973656+KEEP.use_role=1:651 value: 400338, current ztype2: REQUEST :8080/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?SID=1631936641+FID=1787192312+OP=UPDATE+FACTORY=cr+SET.id=1335752+SET.tenant=F36DF13B41
  7. I did this change, take a look at the result: <select id="df_3_1" pdmqa="resolution_code" tabindex="100" onfocus="return detailFocus(this);" onblur="return detailBlur(this);" onchange="zIncident_validation(this.value);" title="Código de resolução" name="SET.resolution_code" class=""> <option value="">&lt;vazio&gt; </option><option value="400052">Atualização </option><option value="400388">Checagem rotineira </option><option value="400389">Conceder acesso </option><option value="400117">Configuração <
  8. Hi @cdtj I change to this code, but doesn't work. function zIncident_test(value) { // Change ztype2 to your attr name switch (value) { case "400338": jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("I"); break; default: jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("R"); } } <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Código de resolução" attr=resolution_code evt="onchange='zIncident_test(this.value);'">
  9. Hi my friends, I'm trying to set a value of one field based on another field, if the analyst set a determinated value to one field, I need to set automatically the value of another. I've created this function, but it isn't working yet. What I'm doing wrong? function zIncident_test(value) { var ztype2 = document.main_form.elements["SET.ztype2"]; if (value == "400338" ) { // set the value to field ztype2 ztype2=='I'; } else { ztype2=='R'; } } ################################################# <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Código de resolução" att
  10. This document will show how to create new hiersel, hierload and new factories to table rootcause (rc). On this example I'm using the rootcause categorys to request and incidents on detail_in.htmpl. 1º) Create 2 new columns on table rootcause (z_cr_flag and z_in_flag - INTEGER); 2º) Create 2 new factorys with .mod files just like below: <After install this files, you must restart the CA SDM services> File: rc_cr.mod OBJECT rc { FACTORY rc_cr{ RESTRICT "z_cr_flag = 1 " { z_cr_flag=1};
  11. Hi my friends, At these days I have a need to force all the analysts to register the solution in all tickets that he's working with. So I made this customization below, maybe this should help someone. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Create a file "zcr_force_soln.spl" (put on $NXROOT/site/mods/majic) cr::zcr_force_soln(...){ send_wait( 0, this, "get_attr_vals",1,"soln_log.length"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Erro no campo soln_log.length de %s %s - %s", type, ref_num, msg[0]);
  12. Hi my friends, I am trying to create a function that only brings the information of the tickets with the maximum of the date and disregard the other values with inferior dates. Just like the print screen attached. I'm trying to use the follow function: =Máx([Last Mod Date]) But it doesn't work fine. Can anyone help me? Thanks guys.
  13. Hi guys, In the request form there is the Create incident button. I would like to take some of the request information, such as customer, category, assignee, group, summary and description to the new incident. To do this I have created a few presets in the "Create Incident" button settings, and created the form to handle summary and description information. But when I click to Create the new incident from the request, the summary and the request information is not copied to the new incident. I'm putting the codes below: What's is wrong guys? =(
  14. To do this, I've created a topic on CA Communities: https://communities.ca.com/docs/DOC-231179890-how-to-skip-request-workflow-task-automatically
  15. Hi guys, Consider this scenario: I have a request category with 3 classic workflow task attached: Request category Task 10 If the status of this task is APP then the task 20 and 30 most be skipped. If the status of this task is APP2 then the task 20 most be Pending and the task 30 most be Waiting. Task 20 Task 30 So to do this I've followed this steps: 1) Put the file upd_val.spl in the folder $NXROOT/site/mods/majic; 2) Recycle spel_srvr or restart the ca sdm services;
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