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  1. We require change orders to have either an incident, request or problem attached. Looking at the code in the chg_relreq_tab.htmpl I see that the list is in cr_list. However cr_list is not a listed as a reportable field when I tried to build a report. Also I expected the relationship between the change order and the incident,request or problem be stored in the lrel table but I do not see any relationships there. Any ideas how I can run a report that for changes orders where the cr_list is empty? We are running version 12.5.
  2. You're right, they were in a mod file. Don't know how I missed it. All I can say is DUUUUHHH!! Thanks
  3. We have a process where the sched_start and sched_end dates are not required when first creating a change order. I have looked in all the usual places to set these fields not required in the database but have had no luck. The required box in WSP is greyed out and I cannot find a trigger, majic, spel etc. file that controls this. Anyone know how I can make these fields not required? Thanks
  4. We created an integer field in our problem category table. Now we can limit who sees what category through the data partition just by using a view constraint on the prob category table (zview in (9 1,3,5,7,8 etc..)) That way we can use this for any number of categories and users. Much simpler and more flexible than trying to list all the categories.
  5. I have created a new field called zcalendar_show. I am going to use this to limit what appears on the Change Calendar. I have added zcalendar_show to the search area of list_chgsched.htmpl but I can't get it to deafult to a value. Even though I have the default in wsp set as 0 the filter shows it as empty. How do I get it to default on searches?
  6. I have loaded part of the enhancement pack for r12 that allows searchihng for any Incident,Request or Problem from the Go dropdown. What we have discovered is that you are unable to view properties when the ticket is displayed. It is not until you click on edit do the properties reappear. It only happens when using this method to search and it is the same for Incidents Requests and Problems. Has anyone else noticed this and do you have a fix?
  7. I created a dropdown search for all Requests\Incidents\Problems. When I click on the search menu I get the list_all.htmpl form that I created. However, after entering the search criteria the the results are listed using list_cr.htmpl. Does any one know why this happens?
  8. Naturally after I posted the reply I got it to work. This MUST be defined in the schedAttr section. The attrRef="" must be there to get it to work <PDM_MACRO NAME=schedAttr attr=zcriticality label=Criticality attrRef=""> This is what I changed the display to: <PDM_MACRO NAME=schedGroup grpname=maj color=White bgcolor=Red style=bold label="Major" legend="Major change order"> <PDM_MACRO NAME=schedGroup grpname=sig bgcolor=LightCyan label="Significant" legend="Significant change order"> <PDM_MACRO NAME=schedGroup grpname=std style=italic label="Standard" legend="Standard change order"> <PDM_MACRO NAME=schedGroup grpname=def style=italic label="Default" legend="Default change order"> This is the code to load the variable <script type="text/javascript"> // Group change orders by change type (normal, standard, emergency) function setSchedEvents( chg ) { var grpnum; switch( chg.zcriticality ) { case '51': grpnum = schedGroup_sig; break; case '75': grpnum = schedGroup_maj; break; case '50': grpnum = schedGroup_std; break; default: grpnum = schedGroup_def; break; } chg.schedEvent(grpnum, chg.sched_start_date, chg.sched_end_date); }
  9. I have found where to change it. It is in the list_chgsched_config.htmpl. About the middle of the page the schedGroup macros are defined and the grpnum variable gets set below there with a case satement. However I can't get it to work based on another field. I tried status, priority and a custom field zcriticality. The only way I've got this to work differently is by using the chg_ref_num field and using an actual ref number in the case satement (case 20667:). SO if you do get this to work let me know. Hope this helps.
  10. I found it (finally). So for anyone else looking to remove it or any other standard button (cancel...) it's in detail_form.js. Look for ImgBtnCreate("btn003", "ResetRĂ™", // Reset "check_reset();detailReset()", true); and either comment it out or delete it.
  11. That works fine when creating a problem or incident because then frm002 is called. However, when creating a change order it does not call frm002 and I have been unable to identify where those inputs are identified.
  12. When creating a change order from an incident or request it populates the requester field with the affected end user from the incident/request. We want the requester field to populate with the assignee from the incident/request and the affected end user on the change to = the affected end user on the incident/request.
  13. We are going to be using the priority calculations for incidents. However we would like to give the ability for some analysts to edit the priority if needed. Has anyone attempted this?
  14. I have added the sitemods.js to enable Checkbox, Lookup, Date etc.. for the properties field and it is working OK. However the Contact Lookup returns DOE@|@JOHN@|@A@|@C3BE3344A4060049A70101F3CD6E6F82@|@DOE, JOHN A Does anyone know how to get it to return just the combo name or even just the userid?
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