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  1. I haven't seen this kind of problem before. Does this happen for all users/browsers ?
  2. Unfortunately for the r12.x series I don't know of other similar option, other than using CA EEM authentication - could be that CA EEM 'artifact based login' would make SDM web sessions stored in cookies, but I don't currently have any CA EEM based system to test.
  3. Usually when a log comment is added, the last modified date on the ticket should be also updated. What exactly are you trying to do ? You can use the Last Modified Date in a Condition, but depending on the complexity of the condition you can use the Site Defined Conditions macro or have to code the Condition yourself.
  4. You can't do that unless the external source knows a valid SID. There is an option in the 14.1 release to use cookies (instead of SID) for web session, by using the option 'use_encrypted_sid_and_cookie' from Options. Activating the option will encrypt the SID and turn on cookie based web sessions for SDM, so your browser will use any existing sessions (based on cookies) when opening a new SDM link. If you have 14.1 CP2, ask CA Support for T57I181, there is a awkward bug with this option and how the sessions are handled by webengine.
  5. Can you explain why you're not using the default (OOB) Auto-Assignment from SDM ? How is you code different from the feature that is in SDM ?
  6. If you want to restrict search, then you need to customize the 'home.htmpl' web form and remove the search options. Note that the Employee is restricted to his/her own tickets anyway, so even knowing the ticket #, viewing will be disallowed. For the restriction of 'Service Requests', you'lll have to be more specific - what ticket type is that ? Check the user's Role and use the Functiona Access tab to remove access to the ticket type you don't want to be available.
  7. Have you tried to make it like: That assumes that the Region field on a Location objects is named 'zregion' and you have a SREL from the Location to the Region.
  8. If you don't see any htmpl being referenced, then it's not a web form. Maybe something from the WebService part. Can you try and see if you any login/logout messages surrounding the error ? Do you have any integration or scheduled scripts that connect to SDM ?
  9. The dtlLookup macro does not accept any parameters named 'last_name', so it's natural it's not working. What you can use is the 'extraUrl' parameter, to specify an additional 'where' clause to the query behind the group factory.
  10. Please post your htmpl code fragment you customized.
  11. You could try to disable NTLM and leave only Kerberos as the SSO mechanism, it might make a difference. However, as I said, if your SDM is AD joined, you don't need EEM for authentication.
  12. In order for this setup to work, you need to have the same userid in EEM as in SDM, simple as that. When you log in 'Windows' (probably you're in an AD domain), your username is actually bob12, your email address COULD BE be bob12@company.com, but your UPN is bob12@company.com. So when you actually log in 'Windows', you're not using the email address, but your UPN (you could as well have used DOMAIN\bob12 to log in) so bob12 and bob12@company.com are the same user (in AD and also in EEM). Make sure your UPN is used as userid in EEM and then make sure to qualify (with Domain Name) the
  13. I don't think this is a customization, it's the default behavior. The Employee interface has the additional 'Email Address' and 'Email Address' free form fields which are added in the Initial log when a ticket (Request) is saved. I don't know where this 'customization' is saved, but you can do customize the detail form to include the Location in the 'SET.OEMAIL' form field, through a pre-save trigger, so instead of: to have in the logs the Location also:
  14. What you can do is disable the button by default - look in the 'std_list.js' file and modify the WriteSearchFilterButtons function to not show the Export Button at all. This will take care of modifying each 'list_xx' for all the form groups you have defined. Now, to give access to the certain Roles, I'd add a new (custom) flag to the Role object, then in 'std_list_include.htmpl' load a different 'js' file depending on this flag. Something like:
  15. I don't think that's directly possible, since the value for the EXT_TICKET is not unique over the list of Incidents - potentially your rule could find more than 1 ticket to update and SDM woudn't know which ticket to update.
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