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  1. Hi, Has anyone create a button on the configuration detail, that will point to a report in SCCM 2012. I had this working with SCCM 2007 and then things changed. Currently looks as follows: //open google in new window function SCCMtest() window.open('GET_SCCM_ASSET', "SCCM_URL=http://sccmreport/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fConfigMgr_Z10%2fAsset+Intelligence%2fHardware+09A+-+Search+for+computers&ViewMode=Detail"); } //this adds a test button to the top of the screen <PDM_MACRO name=button caption="SCCM" disabled="no" func="SCCMtest" hotkey_name="hotsccm" id="btntest" width=0> It was this: //open google in new window function SCCMtest() { window.open("http://sccmreport/SMSReporting_Z01/Report.asp?ReportID=42&CollID=SMS000Ds"); } //this adds a test button to the top of the screen <PDM_MACRO name=button caption="SCCM" disabled="no" func="SCCMtest() " hotkey_name="hotsccm" id="btntest" width=0> its a bit different thanks ahead of time
  2. danegrey

    CMDB and SCCM

    Been a very long time away, but if this is still a concern, send me an email/message and I can provide details on how I set this up.
  3. danegrey

    SDM Email notification

    Check the initial notification, you will have to look at the default message template being used.
  4. SDM r12.7 windows 2008 r2 ------------------------------------ Is it possible to display the description of impact, before the ticket is saved. Saw some code on incident, for displaying end user phone number and location... thanks in advance
  5. R12.7 on Windows R8, SQL 2008 Has anyone tried to take the Priority Calculation that is coded in Incidents/Problem and make the same changes to the Request form. Thanks ahead of time
  6. danegrey

    Export button in r12.7

    I have applied test patches for items similar to this, in R12.6 the other item I have found at times, it really does not work the first time I use it so i do the following -- clear ie cache -- stop and start is again but check with CA Support
  7. Environment R12.6 Cumulative 2 windows 2008 r2 database SQL 2008 r2 Trying to understand how a Workflow task SLA or Service Type Event works on a series work flow task I have a category, which I attached 3 workflow tasks too. I then add to those workflow tasks the same Service Type Event. what I see happening, is that the Workflow task SLA/Service Type does not stop after the first workflow task, the same workflow task just keeps running for all the workflow tasks. What I thought it would do, is treat each individual workflow task / Service Type event unique to that workflow task. Hope that is clear, it is just odd, the way it is happening
  8. danegrey

    SLA in Change Order Workflow

    No, it will not function, classic SLA Processing has to be uninstalled CA Support Tech docs TEC479867 and TEC498954
  9. danegrey

    Form to complete before resolving call

    i do not have the code, but I know at one site, that they had to log a solution... not sure when I will be back at site to review the code
  10. danegrey

    menubar customization

    did you check the code with WSP, lots of changes in 12.7....
  11. what all status are there for placing a ticket on 'Hold' the example is showing how to do it for one status, you may have other status that are used for holding a ticket.
  12. danegrey

    Filling in category clears assignee

    check options manager Request Manager --> Area Defaults Area_Defaults Determines what happens when the Request Area field is specified on a Request Detail page. A Request Area can have a default assignee and group. When this option is activated, the Request Detail assignee and group are populated with the Request Area defaults.
  13. danegrey

    CA MDB

    The real question is how much data to you need to keep for historical data.. it may mean purging ticket information The files mentioned Activity Logs/Notification Log, the data is probably only good for 30-60 days.... I would also do a review on notifications.....
  14. Take a look at the archive and purge under the Administration tab ones that I would look at are: Session log Notify log header Knowledge Search log Document Hits Audit Log -- if audit is turned on... you need to determine, how much history you want to keep, some of the information about could be from 30 to 90 days
  15. Group has a field called Service Type, simply place your SLA/Service Type there. Then when ever the group is selected on a ticket, the SLA will be applied