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  1. Looks a bit strange but good if works Don't forget to remove console.log or add check that console is object (typeof console != "undefined") or code will fail on IE. Also you're passing unique variable in KEEP array so you can avoid localStorage which also browser specific (nothing bad could happen if IE7 which is million years old is not used in your company): function empty_rootcause() { var status = 'KE'; var query_str = cfgCgi + "?SID=$prop.SID+FID=$prop.FID+OP=UPDATE" + "+FACTORY=cr+PERSID=" + "$args.persistent_id" + "+KEEP.new_status=" + status; browseWithURL(query_str); } function open_rootcause() { <PDM_IF "$args.rootcaue" == "" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit" && "$args.KEEP.new_status" != ""> function emptytrue() { if (currentAction == 0) { clearInterval(myInterval); jq('[name=SET.status]').val("$args.KEEP.new_status"); jq("label[for='df_5_2']")[0].click(); } } <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.new_status" != "" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit"> var myInterval = setInterval(emptytrue, 100); </PDM_IF> </PDM_IF> } PS: More PDM_IF tags less onform code for client
  2. just my 2 cents, If you want to place some text on form: var zColsCount = 1; // columns count detailRowHdr("Some Header", zColsCount); detailSetRowData("I'm kind of useful tip. Also I support <b><i>html tags</i></b>.");
  3. cdtj

    Knowledge Base combo

    hi there seems like CA have patch regarding this problem: https://communities.ca.com/thread/241771113-problem-with-webservices-and-kt
  4. hi, this is complex task and I don't have any solution that can fit your requirements. If you want dynamic solution that will work on the go, you need to: catch when hidden input "SET.attr_name" will be changed fetch related value using key from changed input using ajax write new value to visible and hidden inputs otherwise POST_VALIDATE trigger suggested on ca community would be the best way.
  5. hi, you can access values from many-to-many relation using thier position in list, ex: @{ci_id.assoc_entservx.0.z_classification} for assoc tables index always will be 0. when other brels like Activity Log or Properties can be iterated through whole list: properties.0.value, properties.1.value, properties.2.value, etc.
  6. try to replace summary input with textarea (add rows into dtlMacro).
  7. hi, you can try to trim enter chars on ticket creation: trigger type: POST_VALIDATE spl: summary = gsub(summary, "\n", "");
  8. Hi! Copying attachments is possible using spel, here is example: https://communities.ca.com/message/241829709 i'm not sure about props (there could be some flag in options to keep them), and as props are defined using web form you can also try to define followed inputs: <input type="hidden" name="SET.prop0.value" value="$args.prop0.value"> <input type="hidden" name="SET.prop1.value" value="$args.prop1.value"> <!-- and so on --> Regards, cdtj
  9. Hi, is that code part from line 46? you can try to add: int msg_i; if (msg_error()) { for (msg_i = 0; msg_i < msg_length(); msg_i++) { logf(ERROR, "%s > msg[%d]: %s", persistnet_id, msg_i, (string)msg[msg_i]); } } else { for (msg_i = 0; msg_i < msg_length(); msg_i++) { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s > msg[%d]: %s", persistnet_id, msg_i, (string)msg[msg_i]); } } after send_wait call to get more detailed log. Regards.
  10. So you can directly ask Daniel, hope he'll help you. He's a friendly guy Another place to contact him: https://communities.ca.com/people/daniel-bighelini
  11. hi, have seen an example in SDU Brasil: https://www.facebook.com/groups/usuariossdmbrasil/permalink/1950265271671044/
  12. hi have you checked log for errors? I had something similiar when rest services wont start without any reason so i redeployed them using pdm_rest_util -deploy command found here: https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/while-trying-to-deploy-the-service-desk-manager-rest-api-an-error-is-received-the-system-is-out-of-resources/kb000019810
  13. cdtj

    Show Filter button

    Hi, check button option for sfStart macro: https://support.ca.com/cadocs/0/CA Service Desk Manager 12 9-ENU/Bookshelf_Files/HTML/CA_SDM_Web_Screen_Painter_Help_ENU/index.htm?toc.htm?sfstart.html Regards.
  14. hi, try to add +HTMPL=z_detail_called.htmpl to your url. regards.
  15. hi, try this one: function zAlgPopup(aty, htmpl) { var alg_url = window.cfgCgi + "?SID=" + window.cfgSID + "+FID=" + window.fid_generator() + "+FACTORY=cr" + "+PERSID=" + window.argPersistentID + "+OP=UPDATE+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE=" + aty; if (typeof(htmpl) == "string") { alg_url += "+HTMPL=" + htmpl; } popupActivityWithURL(alg_url); } <PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Log Comment" Func="zAlgPopup('LOG', 'detail_alg_edit.htmpl')" hotkey_name="LOG[G]" ID="LOG"> button should located between dtlForm and dtlStart.