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  1. Create local user

    Hi, go to Admin tab > Roles > Access type, then create your own (or copy existing). On a first tab of access type form will be configuration for external authentication, you need to set PIN-Use validation type and specify attribute (on cnt factory) which will store contact's password. Regards, cdtj
  2. hi, i havent jq experience but I tried this one and row were deleted. jq("#cmdbVersionDetails tr:contains(\"Last changed by\")").remove(); regards, cdtj
  3. Hi, you can use detailRowHdr("header text") and detailSetRowdata("text <b>html tags works here<b>") to insert custom HTML code, but I think this will look ugly Regards, cdtj
  4. spel customization could do the trick. I havent experience working with tenants and cant be sure about correct syntax but code should be very simple: // FileName: z_compare_tenants.mod MODIFY cr PRE_VALIDATE z_compare_tenants() 71000 FILTER(EVENT("INSERT")); // FileName: z_compare_tenants.spl cr::z_compare_tenants(...) { if (customer.tenant != tenant) { set_error(1); set_return_data(format("Unable to create %s in another tenant [%s]", type.sym, customer.tenant.name)); } }
  5. hi, it's sad but you can't specify variables on both sides of constraint, one side should contain a value. If you have not many tenants you can try to apply workaround in this way: (tenant.name = 'ABC' AND customer.tenant.name = 'ABC') OR (tenant.name = 'DEF' AND customer.tenant.name = 'DEF') OR (tenant.name = 'XYZ' AND customer.tenant.name = 'XYZ')
  6. you can try to specify factory: +FACTORY=in as I know FACTORY is required for CREATE_NEW OP, also could check form title while creating new object is it for request or incident?
  7. hi, you need to add +PRESET=type:I into your URL. Regards, cdtj
  8. hi, you need to add any search condition, example: /CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cr+QBE.GE.id=0 - obvious condition: "id equal or greater than 0", will show results; /CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cr - will show filter first.
  9. hi, you need to use fmtfunc then, you can trim date as regular sting using JS. PS: у нас ещё где-то в СНГ используется CA SDM? Regards, cdtj
  10. not sure how to do this for employee role, but: that's the reason why I asked for full JavaScript function you use to open new page. You need to pass some extra param to URL to make status change form know where to navigate you and I have tested code from this post: and it works in my env... For more information could you open Status change form, then hit F12 to open browser's console and paste followed code then give result back: console.log("HTMPL : " + ahdframe.jq("[name=HTMPL]").val()); console.log("HOME ACTION : " + ahdframe.jq("[name=KEEP.HOME_ACTION]").val()); console.log("URL : " + ahdframe.window.location.href); // You can wipe site name from this line but keep everything after "?" sign Regards, cdtj
  11. there is no need to supress popups you need to use popupActivityWithURL for analyst role and display_new_page for employee. BTW after supressing popups what happening when you save the chenges? Does browser navigate to home screen or back to request?
  12. Defaulty all new forms for employee interface group opens in a same window, have you tried to avoid popups? this could be a clue. Providing final code for z_customer_chase also might be helpful.
  13. hi, one question to determine starting point: what happens when employee clicks Save button? Regards, cdtj
  14. contact copy

    Hi, you can try to create POST_CI trigger for INSERT event, which will check related data for newly created contact but I'm not sure on what stage of copying process LREL data filling. Regards, cdtj
  15. Hi, do you use spel code to apply changes? because I didn't find any inputs for status or other attrs in attached file. Anyway, I remembered a universal solution, which will navigate employee to initial form and will show update message. Here is a way how to achieve it: 1. Add variable to func: { var url=cfgCgi+ "?SID="+cfgSID+ "+FID="+fid_generator()+ "+FACTORY="+factory+ "+PERSID="+persid+ "+OP=UPDATE"+ "+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE="+type+ "+EDIT_HTMPL=detail_alg_edit.htmpl" + "+AUTO_OVERRIDE_LOCK=true" + "+KEEP.zBackHome=1"; display_new_page(url); } 2. Use variable in condition on detail_alg.htmpl, add this code where hidden inputs are located: <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.zBackHome" == "1"> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=HTMPL VALUE="home.htmpl"> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=KEEP.HOME_ACTION VALUE="Z_SUCCESS"> </PDM_IF> 3. Variable HOME_ACTION within KEEP array will be passed to home.htpml, so you can display custom message depending on it, find PDM_LINK OP=SHOW_DETAIL on home.htmpl and update it in this way: <PDM_LINK OP="SHOW_DETAIL" PERSID="$args.persistent_id" onmouseover="window.status = "Open Issue ${args.ref_num}"; return true;" onmouseout="window.status = window.defaultStatus; return true;"> <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.HOME_ACTION" == "Z_SUCCESS"> <span class="alertmsg portlet_body_text">Issue ${args.ref_num} was updated.</span> <PDM_ELSE> <span class="alertmsg portlet_body_text">Issue ${args.ref_num} was created.</span> </PDM_IF> </PDM_LINK>