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  1. currently i'm out of business and cant test anything, but i'm pretty sure i called webservices using perl directly from sdm. you can use cmd to debug perl scripts pdm_perl <scriptname.pm> and i think that perl libs/binaries should be somewhere near pdm_perl file regarding that vbs example, it looks like bullshit (sorry), because: method have dot in it's name which is restricted; method declared without arguments and not even called within example, but it's passed as argument for .exe file which is not method name at all; send_wait called method with .exe is trying to pass some arguments which are not declared
  2. Hi, Spell (spl) or sdm itself can't be used to call webservices. But perl can and also perl scripts can be called via spel_srvr as regualr spel methods. This way is fun and pleasant to implement. Useful links: https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/viewdocument/spel-how-to-execute-remote-referenc?CommunityKey=e2cd3188-49bc-4f38-88f1-74260f56fa66&tab=librarydocuments https://metacpan.org/pod/SOAP::WSDL (outer lib maybe not included in sdm perl package, also there should be other ways to call wsdl using perl) Also there is a "legal" way using CA PAM but didn't tried it. Regards
  3. you are welcome! dont forget to remove console.log from your code because it doesn't work (causes script crash) in IE while console is closed.
  4. try to add this one before switch statements and check console (F12) then: console.log("value: " + value + ", current ztype2: " + jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val());
  5. hi, try this one: function zIncident_test(value) { // Change ztype2 to your attr name switch (value) { case "400338": jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("I"); break; default: jq("[pdmqa=ztype2]").val("R"); } }
  6. I think it's defined on javascript level where arguments like len and start are passed to function. I'll try to check this later. updated: yeah, seems like this is WebEngine OP called PG and it doesnt have any other arguemnts, to pass in. But you can set length as int multiple to 25 and modify next page URL from OP=PG+PG=page_number to OP=PG+PG=length/25*(page_number-1).
  7. I have the whole list in a first set so I didnt tried to navigate next... So seems you need to rewrite nav bar to make next $start depended on $length.
  8. henning1518, try to placed followed tag before your pdm_list: <PDM_SET length=1000> form might look uncommon but you'll get whole list.
  9. Looks a bit strange but good if works Don't forget to remove console.log or add check that console is object (typeof console != "undefined") or code will fail on IE. Also you're passing unique variable in KEEP array so you can avoid localStorage which also browser specific (nothing bad could happen if IE7 which is million years old is not used in your company): function empty_rootcause() { var status = 'KE'; var query_str = cfgCgi + "?SID=$prop.SID+FID=$prop.FID+OP=UPDATE" + "+FACTORY=cr+PERSID=" + "$args.persistent_id" + "+KEEP.new_status=" + status; browseWithURL(query_str); } function open_rootcause() { <PDM_IF "$args.rootcaue" == "" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit" && "$args.KEEP.new_status" != ""> function emptytrue() { if (currentAction == 0) { clearInterval(myInterval); jq('[name=SET.status]').val("$args.KEEP.new_status"); jq("label[for='df_5_2']")[0].click(); } } <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.new_status" != "" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit"> var myInterval = setInterval(emptytrue, 100); </PDM_IF> </PDM_IF> } PS: More PDM_IF tags less onform code for client
  10. just my 2 cents, If you want to place some text on form: var zColsCount = 1; // columns count detailRowHdr("Some Header", zColsCount); detailSetRowData("I'm kind of useful tip. Also I support <b><i>html tags</i></b>.");
  11. hi there seems like CA have patch regarding this problem: https://communities.ca.com/thread/241771113-problem-with-webservices-and-kt
  12. hi, this is complex task and I don't have any solution that can fit your requirements. If you want dynamic solution that will work on the go, you need to: catch when hidden input "SET.attr_name" will be changed fetch related value using key from changed input using ajax write new value to visible and hidden inputs otherwise POST_VALIDATE trigger suggested on ca community would be the best way.
  13. hi, you can access values from many-to-many relation using thier position in list, ex: @{ci_id.assoc_entservx.0.z_classification} for assoc tables index always will be 0. when other brels like Activity Log or Properties can be iterated through whole list: properties.0.value, properties.1.value, properties.2.value, etc.
  14. try to replace summary input with textarea (add rows into dtlMacro).
  15. hi, you can try to trim enter chars on ticket creation: trigger type: POST_VALIDATE spl: summary = gsub(summary, "\n", "");
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