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  1. hi, ticket distribution is based on QREL called workload, default query is "assignee = ? AND active = 1" which means all active ticket on selected assignee. you can modify it in NX_ROOT/bopcfg/majic/cnt.spl (or cnt.maj or base.maj), I can't really remember in which one. so, you need to find workload attr in NX_ROOT/bopcfg/majic folder and modify it, for example to "assignee = ? AND active =1 AND resolve_date is NULL" which means count only unresolved tickets. regards, Timur
  2. hi, this one should help: https://community.broadcom.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=751297
  3. hi - you need to get the name of modification date attribute, this command should help: bop_sinfo -a wf | find "DATE" - call sync_fetch to get tasks list; example: - task by task compare modification date between fetched records; OR - using bop_sinfo get list of all domsets and maybe there is already presented sorted order by mod date, so you can use to it get the latest record.
  4. just swap priority get and display macros: <PDM_MACRO name=lswrite text="var zPriEnum = @{list.priority.enum:0}"> // this one gets current priority <PDM_MACRO name=lscol attr=priority fmtfunc=zPriClr // this one displays it
  5. hi, this is not spel related but form customization, you need to define extraurl with search criteria eg: QBE.EQ.location_attr=$args.owning_resource more about extra urls could be found in administration guide: https://ftpdocs.broadcom.com/cadocs/0/CA Service Desk Manager 12 9-ENU/Bookshelf_Files/HTML/CA_SDM_Web_Screen_Painter_Help_ENU/dtldropdown.html
  6. Hi cdtj!

    Can you help me with a requirement on CA servicedesk please  ?

    I require to display a fields   when someone create a Change Order   and use a certain category then when these fields are displayed shows a checkbox to select yes or no and when the users select Yes displays a field in blank.


    Sorry about my english i still learning the lenguage  


  7. and one more tip, using bop_cmd could save a lot of time debuging spel code
  8. hi, you need to specify return type, eg: string z_echo(string input) { return input; } void z_echo_call() { printf(z_echo("hello")); // output: hello }
  9. hi you need to add fmtfunc to your priority lscol and add additional lswrite to fetch priority enum. there would be something like this: <PDM_MACRO name=lscol attr=priority fmtfunc=zPriClr> <PDM_MACRO name=lswrite text="var zPriEnum = @{list.priority.enum:0}"> function zPriClr(val) { function zGetPriClr(enumVal) { switch (enumVal) { case 1: return "red"; case 2: return "blue"; case 3: return "green"; default: return "black"; } } rs.data("<span style='color:" + zGetPriClr(zPriEnum) + "'>" + val + "</span>"); }
  10. Hi folks, I have packed my favorite spel functions into one lib which I called "zspel". Everyone can download it here: https://github.com/cdtj/zspel It provides utilities to quick search and update objects via spel in only few lines of code. Personally, I rewrote most of my old code using followed functions and my code shortened up to 70%.
  11. hi, there is 2 identifiers, chg_ref_num (visible one, which is 7xxx) and id (for inner use, 4xxx). you can create urls (if it's your goal) with both number, specifing search criteria within url, using id (as u have from export): QBE.EQ.id=4xxx or using chg_ref_num: QBE.EQ.chg_ref_num=7xxx Answering directly to your question: - you can add id to form using form customization; - you can get it using browser's console (F12) by typing ahdframe.argId (or something like that) into it;
  12. hi, check for msg_cat.js file.
  13. Hi This can be achieved via form customization, you need to pass some flag in URL (ex: +KEEP.zTab=1). And then on form call js function to switch tab on condition <pdm_if $args.KEEP.zTab == 1>
  14. Hi, I think this one should work: resolve_date >= StartAtTime('TODO_TODAY')
  15. currently i'm out of business and cant test anything, but i'm pretty sure i called webservices using perl directly from sdm. you can use cmd to debug perl scripts pdm_perl <scriptname.pm> and i think that perl libs/binaries should be somewhere near pdm_perl file regarding that vbs example, it looks like bullshit (sorry), because: method have dot in it's name which is restricted; method declared without arguments and not even called within example, but it's passed as argument for .exe file which is not method name at all; send_wait called method with .exe is trying to pass some arguments which are not declared
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